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HCS12 Instruction Set  Favorite

The intent of this training module is to explain how to use all CPU12 instructions to write short routines in assembly language.  Features that support high-level languages are also discussed.

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Course Outline

    • Introduction
    • HCS12 Instruction Set
    • Load and Store Instructions
    • Data Test Instructions
    • Conditional Branch Instructions
    • Add/Decimal Adjust Instructions
    • Logic Instructions
    • Jump and Subroutine Instructions

What You'll Learn

    • Discuss alll CPU12 instruction sets.
    • Describe data handling instructions.
    • Identify arithmetic instructions.
    • Describe logic instructions.
    • Identify data test instructions.
    • Describe branch instructions.
    • Discuss jump and subroutine calls.
    • Identify the HCS12 CPU features that support high-level language programs.

Course Details

  • Type: Web-based Training
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Format: swf
  • Cost: None
  • Audience: Design engineers