Convert Your Freescale 8-bit MCU into a Smart Touch Sensor  Favorite

Touch control technology in user interfaces is becoming more important as end-device users require unique and customizable interactive experiences.

Find out how you can use Freescale technology to convert your 8-bit MCU into a smart touch sensor. You'll learn how to enable MCUs with touch pads, sliders and rotary dials, as well as explore the technology that drives these and other interface options.
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Course Outline

    • Touch Sensing Overview
    • Proximity Detection Method
    • Electrode Design
    • Application Use

What You'll Learn

    • How to enable MCUs with touch pads, sliders and rotary dials
    • Explore the technology that drives different interface options
    • Identify applications that Touch Sensing Technology is opening up
    • Learn experts’ tools and tips to get the most of your designs

Course Details

  • Type: Webinar
  • Duration: 56 Minutes
  • Format: mpg
  • Cost: None
  • Audience: Design Engineers, Programmers, University Students and Professors

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