QorIQ Qonverge BSC Series

QorIQ Qonverge Platform combines market-proven Power Architecture® cores and high-performance StarCore DSPs with proven application accelerators for packet and baseband processing, security and more.

The QorIQ Qonverge BSC913x family is a comprehensive portfolio of highly integrated heterogeneous multi-core SoC devices built on a common architecture. The BSC913x offers architecture for system partitioning with perfectly balanced SC3850 StarCore DSPs for critical real-time processing such as Layer 1 and the e500 core, built on Power Architecture technology, for control and application stacks including L2/3+ networking.

The family is designed to allow operators to easily scale performance without a lot of redesign or significant investment. Freescale delivers complete solutions for the QorIQ Qonverge Platform with ready-to-go software and services, a broad ecosystem and comprehensive development platforms to ease your development and speed time to market.

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