High Side Switches

These SMARTMOS devices provide one or more channels of low RDSON high-side drive MOSFET output switches. Load and IC protection is provided for parameters such as over current, over temperature and over/under voltage. The low RDSON MOSFET(s) control high side switching for resistive and inductive loads. This product category includes Freescale's eXtreme switch high side switches.

The recent addition to the high side switch product category includes eXtreme switch products, which are N-channel MOSFET switches with extremely low on-resistance, ranging from 10 milliohms to 35 milliohms per channel that can simultaneously control the high sides of up to four light sources.   The recently introduced eXtreme switch products are MC10XS3535, MC10XS3435, MC10XS3412, MC15XS3400, MC35XS3500, MC35XS3400. These eXtreme switch devices provide diagnostics for the switch, light source and wiring harness, as well as comprehensive fault management and control of the loads without complex software.

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