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i.MX51 Applications Processors based on ARM® Cortex®-A8 Core

Consumer and Industrial applications

Freescale's consumer and industrial i.MX51 applications processors balance the performance, power consumption, connectivity and multimedia capabilities necessary to drive today's latest and greatest products. Benefits include high-performance ormance processing and multimedia capabilities, hardware acceleration that enables very-low-power consumption for video and graphics, and a high level of integration to reduce overall system bill of materials. These processors are also available in extended temperatures for industrial- focused devices running up to 600 MHz.

Automotive applications

Freescale's automotive i.MX51 processors provide what is necessary to steer today's most advanced automotive systems. These processors are ideal for applications that require advanced user interfaces, sophisticated video processing, 2D and 3D graphics, multiple connectivity options and a high level of system integration. Building on the success of the i.MX515 in the consumer market, the automotive family of i.MX51 processors will bring the consumer electronics user experience and device connectivity into the vehicles of the future.

The i.MX51 applications processor is a Freescale Energy-Efficient Solutions product.

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