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The HC08 family of MCUs is designed to meet all your 8-bit MCU needs, from tiny 8-pin QFN to 64-pin quad flat packages, flash to ROM, and from 1 KB to 60 KB of memory. The HC08 family features peripherals such as industry-leading in-circuit reprogrammable flash, 8- or 10-bit A/D converters, multichannel timers, CAN, LIN, J1850, SCI/ESCI/SLIC supporting LIN protocol, SPI and EEPROM. There are also many devices targeted for specific applications, such as LIN, motor control and RF. All HC08 MCUs utilize the enhanced M68HC08 central processor unit (CPU08) and are available with a variety memory sizes and types, modules and package types.

The CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC(S)08/RS08 Special Edition is a comprehensive toolset for fast and easy MCU development. This integrated suite provides the tools needed by engineers throughout the development cycle to exploit the capabilities of the HC(S)08/RS08 architectures. Some of the features of the CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC(S)08/RS08 Special Edition include: a project manager for up to 32 files, full-chip simulation, flash programming and Processor Expert technology, which generates automatic C code for most HC(S)08 on-chip peripherals.

HC08 products

  • Not Recommended for New Design
    • 68HC08LT8: 8-bit ROM option with LCD Driver LT8 MCUs
    • HC08AB: 8-bit Embedded EEPROM for User Data Storage AB MCUs
    • HC08AP: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation AP MCUs
    • HC08AS-AZ: 8-bit with CANAS and AZ MCUs
    • HC08EY: 8-bit General Purpose EYMCUs
    • HC08G: 8-bit General Purpose G MCUs
    • HC08GZ: 8-bit General Purpose with CAN GZ MCUs
    • HC08JB-JG-JT-JW: 8-bit General Purpose JB, JG, JT and JW MCUs
    • HC08JK-JL: 8-bitGeneral Purpose JK and JL MCUs
    • HC08K: 8-bit USB K MCUs
    • HC08LJ-LK: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation LJ and LK MCUs
    • HC08MR: 8-bit General Purpose MR MCUs
    • MC3PHAC: Motor Control Unit

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