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Freescale offers the Sensor Toolbox, a collection of evaluation boards and software that support Freescale sensing solutions. These tools include accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, touch, and pressure sensors which enrich system design with a broad range of capabilities in detecting real-world conditions, such as motion, touch or pressure. The breath of our sensor and microcontroller portfolio allows software to be leveraged based on the sensing and processing needs of end products. Access this one stop shop for any of your sensing needs.

Sensor Download

Freescale MAG3110 Magnetometer for Consumer Applications
(Video - 04:42) Freescale's first high accuracy three-axis magnetometer, the MAG3110 is a low-power, small-profile sensor that delivers enhanced digital electronic compass (eCompass) functionality for location-based services (LBS).
Precise Pressure and Altitude Detection with Freescales MPL3115A2
(Video - 04:28) Freescale's MPL3115A2 pressure sensor shows altitude detection through floor level changes in elevator and escalator scenarios.

BuyPart NumberCategoryFeatured Device(s)Compatible Board(s)
BuyRD4247FXOS8700MagnetometersAll Magnetic Toolbox Boards
BuyLFSTBEB3110MagnetometersMAG3110All Magnetic Toolbox Boards
BuyLFSTBPROTOAcceleration SensorsAll Accelerometer Toolbox Boards
BuyRDMMA865xAcceleration SensorsLFSTBEB865X
BuyLFSTBEB845XAcceleration Sensors
BuyRDMMA845xAcceleration Sensors
BuyLFSTBBAT9Acceleration Sensors
BuyLFSTBUSBAcceleration Sensors
BuyLFSTBEB7660Acceleration SensorsMMA7660FC
BuyLFSTBEB7455Acceleration SensorsMMA7455L
BuyKITMMA9550LEVMSensing PlatformsMMA955xLAll Touch Sensors
BuyKITMPR121EVMTouch SensorsMPR121All Touch Sensors

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