Freescale Sensor Fusion

Sensor fusion is a process by which data from several different sensors are "fused" to compute something more than could be determined by any one sensor alone. An example is computing the orientation of a device in three-dimensional space. That data might then be used to alter the perspective presented by a 3D GUI or game.

Freescale has a comprehensive suite of Sensor Fusion Tools available for your use.

Freescale Sensor Fusion Library for Kinetis MCUs


  • Easy to use software library for development of best in class sensor fusion applications
  • Based on CodeWarrior
  • Pre-built fusion templates for a variety of Freescale Freedom boards
  • Full documentation, online training materials, and free node-locked license for evaluation and development
  • Freescale's award winning magnetic hard/soft iron compensation, along with support for 3-, 6- and 9-axis fusion options, programmable sampling, fusion rates, frame of reference, etc.

System Requirements

Experiment with sensor fusion options before you begin software development

Freescale Sensor Fusion Toolbox for Android and Windows


  • Convenient visualization of fusion results
  • 100% compatible with the fusion library template programs
  • Compatible with MEMS and magnetic sensors, Freescale’s ARM™ Cortex M0+, M4 and M4F portfolio, and a variety of Freedom-compatible development boards
  • Android version can also demonstrate sensor fusion applications using the sensors native to your Android device

System Requirements

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