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Home Portable

Home portable medical devices share the common need for long battery life, robust data processing and a wired or wireless communication interface. Freescale microcontrollers offer an ideal combination of high processing capabilities and low power consumption. As a pioneer in the communications market, Freescale offers solutions for wired and wireless interfaces, including USB, IEEE® 802.15.4 and ZigBee® technology. Furthermore, Freescale microelectromechanical system (MEMS)–based pressure and inertial sensors can be used to acquire physical parameters. User interfaces include touch screens, enabled by proximity sensors, that have easy–to–clean buttons and screens that can be sanitized quickly and easily.

  Reference Designs
ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Order Availability
Healthcare Analog Front End (AFE) Reference Platform  
Healthcare Analog Front End (AFE) Reference Design provides ready-to-develop hardware and software that facilitates the design of medical assets such as vital signs monitors, glucose meters, digital stethoscopes, among other portable and healthcare...  
FREESCALE   -   -   -   -
Blood Pressure Monitor Reference Design  
The Blood Pressure Monitor reference design was specially crafted to highlight Controller Continuum design flexibility benefits.  
FREESCALE   -   -   -   -

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