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The consumer population is more health conscious than ever before. Devices like portable heart rate and blood pressure monitors, integrated activity monitors for fitness and exercise, pulse oximeters and emerging systems are just the beginning of a revolution in healthcare devices. Health and wellness devices share a common need to incorporate analog sensing capability, low power and highly integrated processor technology with connectivity. Freescale microcontrollers combine optimum processing capabilities with low power consumption. We provide complete hardware and software solutions for wired and wireless interfaces, including USB with Personal Healthcare Device Class (PHDC), IEEE® 802.15.4 and ZigBee® healthcare technology. Freescale microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based pressure and inertial sensors can be used to acquire physical parameters along with touch screen user interfaces enabled by proximity sensors.

Health and Wellness Applications

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Home Health Hub Reference Platform
(Video - 01:20) The Home Health Hub Reference Platform sends health data to the cloud via Digi International's iCloud connectivity and is displayed on Microsoft Health Vault
Qualcomm 2net Platform with i.MX28 Applications Processor
(Video - 00:56) The Qualcomm 2Net Platform, with i.MX28 applications processor, is a cloud-based solution that enables the wireless transfer, storage, and display of medical device data

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