The Freescale Cup

Freescale Cup

Where can you have access to the latest MCU technology and apply it hands-on in nationwide competitions? Welcome to the Freescale Cup, where university students build an autonomous model race car and compete for the fastest time. The Freescale Cup is your chance to learn about electrical (circuitry, interfacing and software design) and mechanical engineering (control theory) as well as sharpening your communication and team work skills. With a blend of high speed and high tech, Freescale supports the students of today to become the innovators of tomorrow.

Event Summary

The Freescale Cup is a global competition where student teams build, program, and race a model car around a track for speed. The fastest car to complete the track without derailing, wins. The creation of this autonomous car requires:

  • Embedded software programming and basic circuit creation using Freescale parts included in the entry kit
  • Students to create motor control hardware and software to propel and steer their intelligent car
  • Students must also interface to a camera to navigate the car through the race course by following the guide line

The contest timeframe conveniently fits within the average university semester. Complete rules, dates and entry forms can be found on the regional event website.

Getting Started

Anatomy of an Intelligent Car

The standard intelligent car components are the model car kit, servo, electric motors, battery with charger and a quick start guide. Below is a list of the specific elements by function:

  • Chassis - 1/18 Scale Model
  • Propulsion - 7.2V DC Motor
  • Steering - Servo Motor
  • Control System - Freescale Development Board
  • Vision - CMOS Camera and/or IR Sensors

Global Sponsors

  • TAOS
  • ARM
  • Elektrobit
  • MathWorks