Student Learning Kits

Take advantage of Freescale's Student Learning Kits to amplify the educational environment with the same great tools used in industry. Freescale offers an expansive portfolio of platforms, devices and technologies and we've selected the best here to meet your academic needs.

Project Board Modules and Kits

Project Board-based Student Learning Kits

The Project Board Student Learning Kit has been designed exclusively for education in electronics. An ideal tool to teach simple circuits and 8-, 16-, or 32- bit microcontrollers for beginners to advanced students. Generously supported with course materials and textbooks, supporting applications from robotics to command and control systems. Click to get started and investigate our design resources.

Key Benefits

  • Large Solderless Breadboarding Area
  • Integrates with NI- ELVIS
  • Multiple MCU options
  • Sold as kits or individual modules

Typical Course Usage

  • Circuit and Logic Design
  • Embedded Systems / Intro to Micros
  • Capstone / Senior Project

Recommended Tool

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Tower Modules and Kits

Tower System

The Tower System is recommended for classes that focus on embedded design and are solutions-oriented. This Modular Development System is an ideal solution for academics to demonstrate building high performance applications. Interchangeable and reusable, the open source design files are easy to use and cost effective. Available in kits or as individual modules, explore the Tower System.

Key Benefits

  • High-Performance Processors
  • Supports
  • Multiple MCU and Peripherial options
  • Sold as kits or individual modules

Typical Course Usage

  • Embedded Systems / Intro. to Adv.
  • Operating System Archetecture
  • BioMedical Systems
  • Network Systems
  • Capstone / Senior Project

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Academic Pricing

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