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Packaging Technology

In the race to provide more power in ever-smaller spaces, Freescale is advancing System-in-Package (SiP) technology. Freescale has over 30 years of leadership in semiconductor packaging and manufacturing technology for automotive, industrial, networking and wireless markets.

We help customers overcome size, cost and temperature challenges as markets increasingly require smaller, faster, higher-performing devices. We offer a broad array of packaging technologies that help deliver what customers need to succeed in a range of industries, and actively support the need for environmentally safe products.

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Packaging

Freescale invented this low-cost array interconnect technology in the early 1990s. Now numerous BGA variants are in high-volume production that address specific market requirements. The breadth of applications runs from handheld electronics to computing to automotive environments.

  • Mature, highly reliable packaging
  • Array interconnect from 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm pitch, 21 to ˜1300 I/O
  • Many variants optimized for specific applications
  • Halogen and Pb-free options available

Lead Frame Packaging

This simple and typically low-cost packaging is still the best solution for many applications. Freescale offers a full range of these packages from traditional options such as QFP (Quad Flat Pack), LQFP (Low Profile Quad Flat Pack), TQFP (Thin Quad Flat Pack), PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier), SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) and TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package), to the the innovative Quad Flat No-lead (QFN) and Power Quad Flat No-lead (PQFN) package families.

  • Mature, highly reliable packaging
  • Good thermal solutions available
  • Many variants optimized for applications including ‹1.0 mm thick packages
  • Halogen and Pb-free options available

Package Your Way for Kinetis MCUs

Freescale's Package Your Way program, specific for Kinetis MCUs, takes Kinetis MCU package options to the next level – now offering alternative package options in addition to the existing packages. Alternative packages are additional package options for select Kinetis MCU families, where pin out and pricing information is readily available. These devices are then committed for sampling and production based on customer demand.

Redistributed Chip Packaging (RCP)

Our most advanced solution, Redistributed Chip Packaging (RCP) is a revolutionary new packaging and assembly technology that eliminates wire bonds, package substrates and flip-chip bumps. This industry-leading proprietary technology offers a 30-80 percent reduction in size and thickness over traditional packaging solutions. RCP delivers a small, cost-effective and highly integrated solution for the most demanding applications and markets.

  • Extremely flexible technology that is SiP- and PoP-compatible
  • High density heterogeneous integration of ASIC, PMIC, high frequency RF, optical, MEMS, sensors and passive components
  • Ultra-low K compatible
  • Halogen and Pb-free options available
  • Advantages in speed and power management

System-in-Package (SiP)

This technology builds on the innovative array interconnect of BGA and allows multiple die with complementary device technologies to be combined in a single package. Passive devices may also be included in the package to deliver highly functional integration for digital and radio frequency applications.

  • Flexible combinations of diverse device technologies
  • Highly compact compared to discrete solutions
  • Halogen and Pb-free options available
  • Good thermal dissipation