Process Technology

Freescale's process technologies drive innovation in the market, pushing the boundaries of higher performing, lower power devices in ever smaller packages. While technology scaling continues to be more expensive and technically challenging, the economics continue to yield improving cost/function end solutions. Freescale remains committed to an industry leading roadmap, both in performance and breadth of technology offerings.

CMOS Technology

The demand for higher performance, lower power and higher density integrated circuits continues to drive the industry to smaller and smaller geometries. An expansive array of leading–edge products in automotive, consumer, industrial, mobile communications and networking markets have been, and continue to be, introduced based on Freescale's adoption of advanced CMOS technology.

Thin Film Storage (TFS)

90nm TFS Technology improves reliability, lowers die cost and delivers exceptional low power performance. FlexMemory, a feature of TFS, is user-configurable as EEPROM and/or program memory. When used as EEPROM, FlexMemory offers industry-leading endurance, performance and flexibility with seamless read/write operations.

RF and Analog/Mixed Signal Silicon Technology

Freescale develops differentiating RF and enabling technologies that connect the analog and digital worlds.

MEMS-Based Sensor Technology

Freescale develops advanced sensing technology for detecting motion, tilt, liquid level, acceleration, pressure, smoke detection and more. Freescale is a leader in MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems)–based sensors.

SMARTMOS Technology

Freescale’s proprietary SMARTMOS technology is bringing long battery life to wireless devices with SMARTMOS 10W and providing next generation power management for automotive and industrial applications with SMARTMOS 10T.

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