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Software Quality

The Freescale Software Quality Model is a systematic set of activities that enables Quality to be built directly into our software. We strive to ensure that every system, component and process meets specified requirements and customer expectations.

The Software Quality Team drives quality assurance, compliance to software standards, improvement programs and more throughout all Freescale divisions and products. By employing quality control activities throughout the development lifecycle, we rigorously test products to detect and eliminate software defects at critical points in the process - before products are shipped to customers.

Ongoing quality management enables continuous process improvement across software products, the development lifecycle and defect prevention.

Software Quality Process Handling

  • Software Standards: Freescale strives to consistently meet the industry standards of the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and the SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) as well as our own Quality standards
  • Compliance to Standards: Internal quality assurance audits and capability gap assessments are performed as well as external process performance audit/assessments of third-party software suppliers
  • Customer Interface: We work with customers to resolve released software issues, discuss software process improvement and enhance support
  • Improvement Programs: Process evaluation, assessments/audits and gap-analysis of quality programs are in place throughout the company to ensure process optimization
  • Siebel: Customer relationship management tool to report defects with combination of change control management tool
  • Software Quality Assurance Web (SQAWeb): Freescale’s quality tracking tool, originally designed for use by Product Engineering for test program development. A combination of form input and checklists allows users to follow a predefined development process, maintain quality records and support peer review activity.
  • SW Change Control Board /Software Change Action Board (SW-CCB/SW_CAB): Co-chair by the Software Quality Team, SW_CCB/SW_CAB reviews and approves IC Test Program only and not software product releases to probe, qualification, final test or production prior to shipment to the customers
  • Tools: Software teams use ClearCase for defect tracking and resolution, and for Configuration Management to enhance the infrastructure definition, improve change request, and update life-cycle query to better capture metrics data.
  • Training: Ongoing worldwide training ensures Freescale employees are educated in software techniques and models, tool usage and quality engineering best practices.

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