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Change Management and Customer Communication

Freescale operates a global change management system documenting changes in business and manufacturing operations and processes. This system is governed by a company-wide specification which drives compliance and control.

Each change request is considered individually and the risks associated with its adoption are determined by a Change Action Board (CAB) which is composed of senior engineers and managers. Formal review and acceptance of the risk analysis, the plans for mitigation of the risks, and the criteria proposed for a successful evaluation outcome are required by the board before any material is committed to evaluation.

When a material is committed to evaluation, the team will begin to generate the customer communication. Communication with the customer occurs when a change affects form, fit, function or reliability of the affected material.

After formal acceptance of the evaluation plans, limited engineering material is used to evaluate the effects of the change and helps to ensure identified risks incorporating the change did not occur. When success criteria are met, the change will be taken to an implementation phase.

An implementation review of the results associated with evaluation (qualification) data and the implementation of the change are then undertaken by the CAB. If the change is approved by the CAB, the CAB will determine the appropriate customer notification type (e.g. Product Change Notification, Product Bulletin, Device Migration, Product Discontinuance Notification or Customer Alert), if any, and the ensure that the notification is sent.

Freescale is committed to communicate to customers changes which may affect the fit, form, function or reliability of a product through our Product Change Notices (PCNs) 90 days prior to implementation. Our notification e-mails contain a summary of the change and a Web link to access the complete notification and another Web link to submit a service request which may be used to acquire further information, or obtain clarification or object to the PCN. According to JEDEC Standard JESD46, lack of acknowledgment of the PCN within 30 days will be considered acceptance of change. Access to the full notification is done at a secure site and requires a USERid and password for login.

The Freescale Global Product Change Notification (GPCN) system and CAB system are directly linked, creating a closed loop change management process. The product or process change cannot be implemented without the notification reaching the effective date and having any service requests addressed.

The Freescale GPCN system also includes:

  • On-line access to customer copies and generic copies of distributed notifications at for customers
  • Ability to track customer acknowledgement

Final completion of all notifications and implementation of the change is followed by a verification step to help ensure no difference in the expected outputs is noted in the first production material before the change is formally closed.

Product Obsolescence Policy: We are also committed to providing notification of Product Obsolescence and offer a Life Time Buy (LTB) opportunity. We allow a minimum of six months, after the notification issue date, for an order to be placed and an additional six months for delivery of the ordered product.

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