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Product Longevity

Product Longevity

Freescale makes a broad range of devices available for a minimum period of 15 years for products developed for the automotive, telecom and medical segments. For all other market segments in which Freescale participates, Freescale makes a broad range of devices available for a minimum period of 10 years. Some package options are excluded.

Life cycles for participating Freescale products begin at the time of product launch and include the standard Freescale end-of-life notification policy (one-year notice for placement of final orders and an additional year until the last ship date).

A migration to a product that is form, fit and function compatible may be required to minimize any disruption in supply in the event of significant volume decrease, technology or manufacturing changes. These actions demonstrate our intention to provide supply stability to our customers.

Recent Product Families on Product Longevity

CategoryFamily / Series10-Year Offering15-Year OfferingFirst Product Launched
MicrocontrollersKinetis KYes-July 2011
MicrocontrollersKinetis LYes-June 2012
MicrocontrollersKinetis EYes-August 2013
MicrocontrollersKinetis VYes-April 2014
MicrocontrollersKinetis MYes-November 2013
MicrocontrollersKinetis WYes-December 2013
ProcessorsQorIQ P30xxYes-June 2010
ProcessorsQorIQ P50xxYes-June 2010
ProcessorsQorIQ T10xx-YesOctober 2012
ProcessorsQorIQ T20xx-YesJune 2012
ProcessorsQorIQ T4xxxYes-February 2012
ProcessorsQonverge B4xxxYes-February 2012
ProcessorsQorIQ LS10xxYesYesSeptember 2013
ProcessorsQonverge BSC9xxxYes-August 2012
Processorsi.MX 6YesYesNovember 2012
Processorsi.MX28YesYesSeptember 2010
Processorsi.MX53YesYesFebruary 2011
ProcessorsVybridYesYesJune 2013
Auto MCUKinetis EA-YesSeptember 2014
Auto MCUS12G-YesNovember 2010
Auto MCUS12V-YesDecember 2011
Auto MCUS12XHY-YesDecember 2010
Auto MCUS12ZVM-YesMarch 2014
Auto MCUMPC560xP-YesApril 2010
Auto MCUMPC5668G/E-YesSeptember 2010
Auto MCUMPC564xA-YesMay 2012
Auto MCUMPC564xS-YesMay 2012
Auto MCUMPC567xK-YesDecember 2012
DSPMSC8156/825x FamilyYes-April 2010
SensorsMMA6519KW-YesNovember 2011
SensorsMMA8451/2Yes-February 2010
AnalogMM912_637-YesFebruary 2011
AnalogMM912F634-YesOctober 2010
AnalogMC24XS4-YesSeptember 2012
AnalogMC12XS2-YesAugust 2010
AnalogMC34933Yes-July 2010
AnalogMC33663-YesAugust 2012
AnalogMC33662-YesSeptember 2011
AnalogMMPF0100Yes-October 2012
AnalogMMPF0200Yes-February 2014
AnalogMC13892Yes-April 2010
AnalogMC34708Yes-November 2011
AnalogMM912_P812-YesJuly 2012
AnalogMC33816-YesFebruary 2014
AnalogMC33903-YesMarch 2011
AnalogMC33907-YesApril 2014
AnalogMC33908-YesApril 2014
RFAFT09Mxxxx-YesApril 2012
RFAFT05Mxxxx-YesApril 2012
RFMMRFxxxxYesYesJanuary 2014
RFMMRF1012NYes-February 2014
RFMMRF1014NYes-March 2014
RFMMRF1015NYes-March 2014
RFMMRF1016HYes-February 2014
RFMMRF1019NYes-March 2014
RFMMRF1020-04NR3-YesJanuary 2014
RFMMRF1308H-YesMarch 2014
RFMMRF1310H-YesMarch 2014
RFMMRF1315N-YesJune 2014
RFMMRF2006NYes-April 2014
RFMRFE6Vxxxx-YesOctober 2010

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