FTF 2012 Americas Make It Challenge

Make It Challenge

Participants put their 32-bit design skills to the test in our Make It Challenge by building an application prior using the Freescale Cup Kit and a processor of their choice to:

  • "Make It Faster" - Build and race an autonomous car and compete for the best time, and/ or
  • "Make It Smarter" - Get creative with our sensors and connectivity tools and impress our judges.

Thank You to our Host Joe Grand

  • Joe Grand

    Joe Grand is an electrical engineer and president of Grand Idea Studio, Inc. He specializes in the invention, design, and licensing of consumer devices and related technologies. Joe will be in San Antonio to provide tips and tricks of the trade to help you develop your winning design.

Congratulations to the Winners

Make It Faster

  • 1st – Catalina de la Cuesta
  • 2nd – Johnny Wall
  • 3rd – Tom Pruett

Make It Smarter

  • 1st – Catalina de la Cuesta
  • 2nd – Jorge Rodriguez-Moreno
  • 3rd – Oscar Rodas

Make It Challenge Sponsor

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