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Freescale and STEM Education

As the demand for technological innovation continues its exponential growth, the pressure on the global workforce to respond is intensifying. Policymakers, educators and administrators, and corporations around the world report a disconcerting shortage of engineers, scientists and technologists.

With our leading embedded processing solutions that power solutions for automotive, networking, industrial, healthcare and consumer electronics, Freescale is focused on making the world a smarter and better place for all of us. And to achieve the technological breakthroughs needed for our future, we must help train the great minds of tomorrow.

With the Freescale Foundation, Freescale is building on its commitment to ensuring tomorrow's workforce is skilled in key areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) – so that meaningful innovation remains a constant and the global economy continues to thrive.

The Freescale Foundation

Founded in 2013, the Freescale Foundation is a private, nonprofit public-benefit corporation organized under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). It actively promotes and supports K-12 educational programs and initiatives that impassion students in areas of STEM and encourage them to pursue STEM-related areas of study at the college and university level.

The Freescale Foundation is driven by a spirit of collaboration, recognizing that active participation of many – policymakers, corporations, nonprofits, educators and administrators – will be essential to reaching the desired outcomes we share. In this context, we seek to collaborate with our local communities to advance the development of tomorrow's workforce.

Community Engagement and Funding

The Freescale Foundation accepts applications from eligible nonprofits that offer K-12 STEM education programs and initiatives that further the foundation's STEM education focus and mission.

The Freescale Foundation will review applications limited to those organizations that are invited by the Freescale Foundation Board of Directors

Guidelines for applying for and receiving funding can be found here.

  • Thinking Fast with the Austin Marathon

    Thinking Fast with the Austin Marathon

    Freescale is the presenting sponsor of the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon with donation proceeds going to the Freescale Foundation to fund K-12 STEM education initiatives. With approximately 5,000 employees who live and work in Austin, Freescale has a strong presence in the community and is dedicated to inspiring young minds worldwide.


Mission and Goals

The Freescale Foundation mission is to actively support educational endeavors that encourage K-12 students to pursue STEM studies and earn degrees in STEM-related fields. In addition, the foundation seeks to collaborate with local communities to advance future workforce development.

These are the goals of the Freescale Foundation:

  • Promote STEM learning at all levels of the educational system
  • Promote and inspire more of our best and brightest students, especially women and those from underrepresented or disadvantaged groups, to pursue STEM studies
  • Influence the development of the technical workforce of the future
  • Strengthen Freescale's commitment to corporate citizenship

About STEM Education

STEM education programs and initiatives emphasize the importance of K-12 academic study in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. The concept of STEM develops from a global recognition that the rate of technological innovation worldwide significantly outpaces the number of college graduates with degrees in related fields. STEM represents a commitment to inspiring young people to pursue higher education degrees that will enable them to fuel future innovation and grow the global economy.

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