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Freescale Connected Intelligence

The Path to the Internet of Things

It's not unrealistic to believe that the Internet of Things – a world in which machines, devices and everyday objects not only connect but cooperate with each other, humans, environments and infrastructures – might one day present a greater opportunity for innovation than did the growth of the internet itself.

In fact we're only beginning to understand the potential impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) to our daily lives. From the convenience of automated home temperature management, to the emergence of in-home healthcare monitoring, to improved roadway safety and more efficient energy management on a global scale, the possibilities are endless.

But with meaningful innovation and change also comes disruption, not just in the way we acclimate to an increasingly "smart" world but in the way we in the technology industry work together to enable it. In the coming years, we could face some of the most complex engineering challenges of our lifetime, many of them problems no one has solved before. How we respond will define our success.

Freescale is leading that charge. Grounded in the idea that realizing the potential of the IoT is an exercise in open collaboration, Freescale Connected Intelligence brings together hardware, software and services, a history of deep application expertise and a leading ecosystem of partners to help enable this next great wave of innovation.

Intelligence Everywhere

It's estimated as many as 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. But what will all of these "things" actually do once they're connected? For the IoT to learn, adapt and ultimately automate its many applications, intelligence is the key ingredient.

Freescale's end-to-end portfolio of high-performance, power-efficient microcontrollers, digital networking processors and multifaceted sensing solutions makes Freescale virtually the only company in the world to maintain these fundamental building blocks of the IoT under one roof. From the edge nodes to the cloud, Freescale is an essential source for the embedded technologies that bring the IoT to life.

Connected Intelligence

Bringing Intelligence to the Internet of Things

Our broad portfolio of MCUs, digital networking processors and sensors is helping make our world smarter, greener and safer.

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Accelerating Customer Innovation

With the proliferation of smart things and previously unimagined applications that likely strain the swift development and production of end products, the pressure to get new products to market fast will intensify.

Freescale's commitment to easing that process is demonstrated through application-specific reference designs and platforms that reflect real-world implementations and enable rapid prototyping of designs. We offer an array of software – operating systems, stacks, middleware, and even apps – that assist in overcoming product development hurdles. And we engage the right partners to streamline development and design and accelerate time-to-market of innovative IoT products.

Making the Vision Possible

Securing information and devices, and making those devices energy efficient, are cornerstones of making the IoT a reality. Freescale's strength in providing intelligent solutions that are energy efficient and secure offers our customers peace of mind in a world where billions of new devices will come online and end-user data and privacy concerns are dominant.

We predict that the biggest opportunities of the Internet of Things will emerge from a transformative shift – from higher-level cloud processing to highly intelligent edge nodes – when intelligence massively scales and the nodes are empowered to learn, adapt and communicate.

Built on this insight and capability, Freescale Connected Intelligence is a catalyst for the rapid proliferation of intelligent, secure and energy efficient things that help to make the world a smarter place for all of us.

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