Internet of Things (IoT)

The Path to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things—a world in which machines, networked devices and cloud-based applications not only connect but cooperate with each other, where big data analytics enable intelligent decision making. The pace of connectivity growth between humans, the environment and the network infrastructure is accelerating rapidly. From the convenience of intelligent homes, to the emergence of in-home healthcare monitoring, to improved roadway safety and more efficient resource management, the potential for meaningful innovation is tremendous. In the coming years, we will face some of the most complex engineering challenges of our lifetime.

Freescale believes that the IoT's true potential can best be realized through open collaboration. Because of this, Freescale and our ecosystem partners bring together hardware, software and services, and a proven history of deep application expertise to help unleash this next great wave of innovation.


Rise to the Challenges with Freescale

  • 1. Time-to-Market Focus Intensifies: With the proliferation of intelligence and connectivity in previously unimagined applications, time-to-market pressures will intensify. Freescale's commitment to help customers is demonstrated through our application-specific reference designs and platforms that reflect real-world implementations and enable rapid design prototyping.
    Freescale offers a wide array of software—operating systems, protocol stacks, middleware and application software—that assist in overcoming development hurdles, and we engage the right partners to further streamline development and reduce risk.
  • 2. Security: Securing information from the edge to the cloud is an absolute requirement for making the IoT a reality. Freescale's recognized excellence in delivering intelligent solutions for security and trusted architectures offers our customers peace of mind in a world where billions of new devices will come online and end-user data and privacy concerns are paramount.
    Freescale employs a variety of hardware-based security technologies to address privacy of data and protection of critical command and control systems.
  • 3. Energy Efficiency & Performance: Freescale is committed to delivering the required levels of performance at the lowest possible power envelope.
    • Our sensor devices combine low power with high resolution and performance over changing temperatures, together with leaf nodes that incorporate intelligent sensors that monitor and capture information about their surrounding environments.
    • Our embedded processor solutions deliver optimized performance and power to match virtually any IoT application, from battery-powered consumer devices to cars, homes, civil engineering and industrial automation.
    • Our networking processors are designed with a systems view to deliver high-performance connectivity that scales with the needs of the emerging infrastructure demands of the IoT market.
  • 4. The Big Picture: The IoT landscape is moving from higher-level, cloud-based processing to a distributed intelligence model in which data-driven decision making moves toward the edge nodes that begin to learn, adapt and act independently in a predictive manner.
    Freescale is one of the only major semiconductor companies in the world offering fundamental IoT building blocks under one roof, making us an essential source for the embedded technologies that bring the IoT to life.

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