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ARM® Technology-Based Solutions


Freescale is the leader in 32-bit embedded control and offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of solutions based on ARM® technology. Designed with power- and cost-sensitive applications in mind, Freescale’s portfolio of Kinetis microcontrollers (MCUs), Vybrid Controller Solutions and i.MX applications processors offers the highest level of integration, the most comprehensive software and hardware enablement and the broadest range of performance within the ARM community today. Whether you are a consumer, industrial or automotive designer, Freescale’s Kinetis, Vybrid and i.MX product families have a solution for you.


Kinetis Microcontrollers: ARM® Cortex™-M0+ and ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCU families with exceptional low-power performance, memory scalability, analog, connectivity and HMI feature integration. Supported by a high-value Freescale enablement (software and tools) bundle and the ARM® 3rd party ecosystem.

Vybrid Controller Solutions: Easy-to-use, highly integrated solutions based on ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-A cores, purpose-built to enable your system to control, interface, connect, secure and scale.

i.MX Applications Processors: The most versatile platform for multimedia and display applications, i.MX offers scalability from ARM9™ to Cortex™-A9 microprocessors (MPUs) with market-leading power, performance and integration.

QorIQ Processors Built on Layerscape Architecture: The leader in communications processors continues to accelerate the network’s IQ – now with products built on the industry’s first networking system architecture that supports Power Architecture® cores or ARM cores. The QorIQ LS1 family integrates dual ARM Cortex™-A7 cores and the QorIQ LS2 family combines up to eight ARM® Cortex®- A57 cores.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Kinetis and i.MX processor families are highly optimized to be energy efficient and certain product families within their portfolios have been designated as an Energy Efficient Solution by Freescale. A wide range of flexible power modes extend battery life through stop currents starting at less than 1 µA. Leading-edge process technology and system architectures within both families minimize run currents when operating at full speed.

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Experience K2: The Next Generation of Kinetis Solutions

Experience K2: The Next Generation of Kinetis Solutions

With more than 900 ARM Powered® MCUs in its portfolio, the next generation of Kinetis solutions builds on its strong history of scalability and innovation paired with an even more expansive enablement toolset.

K2 — the next generation of Kinetis solutions brings you a comprehensive set of software and development tools with next-generation devices offering optimized performance and power efficiency with industry-leading low dynamic power consumption and best-in-class flexible low-power modes.

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