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Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is the primary data source for the driver, delivering information about the vehicle and engine status. These systems are rapidly evolving with the addition of color graphics to convey more complex information in a reconfigurable display.

Freescale offers a complete range of instrument cluster processors, from 8-bit integrated solutions with analog gauge control up to high-performance 32-bit applications processors with integrated GPUs. All of our products are based upon our experience delivering the connectivity and quality required by the global automotive industry.

Instrument Cluster Applications

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Automotive Instrument Cluster Based on Vybrid Controller Solutions
(01:45 min) Learn more about the Vybrid automotive controller and associated production software package in a low-cost, fully reconfigurable instrument cluster solution.
MPC5606S Digital Instrument Cluster
(01:43 mins) Demonstration of a MPC5606S based Digital Instrument Cluster driving gauges and a TFT LCD display.
Single-Chip, Low-End Instrument Cluster based on Freescale S12 MagniV Mixed-Signal MCU
(01:46 mins) Get details on the S12ZVH MagniV MCU and associated production software package in a low-cost, single-chip instrument cluster solution.

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