Freescale control and network processor solutions are engineered to meet the challenging safety, security and reliability requirements of manufacturing, processing and critical infrastructure facilities. Our ruggedized processors are frequently selected for industrial control, sensing, networking and human-machine interface (HMI) applications in smart grid and smart metering, health care, factory automation and drives, motor control, home appliance, building control, point-of-sale and kiosk, aerospace and defense, and industrial transportation markets.

Industrial  Applications

Industrial  Products

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  • New Kinetis K22 MCUs

    New Kinetis K22 MCUs Now Broadly Available

    Further expanding the next generation of Kinetis K series portfolio is the - now broadly available - Kinetis K22 MCU family running at 100-120 MHz and offering 128-512 KB of embedded flash memory. Complete with a comprehensive set of software and development tools, Kinetis K22 MCUs are optimized for cost-sensitive applications requiring excellent processing efficiency with floating point unit, USB connectivity with crystal-less USB functionality, and industry-leading low power. Start developing today with the FRDM-K22F and TWR-K22F120M platforms!

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  • Kinetis KL03 CSP

    Kinetis KL03 CSP - The World's Smallest ARM Powered® MCU - Now Broadly Available

    The Kinetis KL03 20-pin CSP MCU squeezes a 32-bit ARM® Coretx®-M0+ core, 32 KB of flash memory and advanced low-power peripherals into a tiny 1.6 mm x 2.0 mm package. Start developing new IoT enabled miniaturized products today using the new Freescale Freedom development platform, the FRDM-KL03Z.

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  • USB-KW24D512 Board

    Now Available: USB-KW24D512 Packet Sniffer/Dongle for Kinetis KW22 and KW24 MCUs

    The USB-KW24D512 Packet Sniffer/Dongle is dual use hardware packaged in a convenient USB dongle form factor and programmed with 802.15.4 packet sniffer software. Essential for wireless network development allowing monitoring of over-the-air traffic, the USB-KW24D512 is a standalone board, but also can be used as a development board or preprogrammed with application software as a network node.

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Experience K2: The Next Generation of Kinetis Solutions

Experience K2: The Next Generation of Kinetis Solutions

With more than 900 ARM Powered® MCUs in its portfolio, the next generation of Kinetis solutions builds on its strong history of scalability and innovation paired with an even more expansive enablement toolset.

K2 — the next generation of Kinetis solutions brings you a comprehensive set of software and development tools with next-generation devices offering optimized performance and power efficiency with industry-leading low dynamic power consumption and best-in-class flexible low-power modes.