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Freescale MQX™ Software Solutions

Accelerate your design success with complimentary RTOS, TCP/IP and USB stacks provided by Freescale MQX™ RTOS. Available on Freescale processors, Freescale MQX RTOS offer a straightforward API with a modular architecture, making it simple to fine tune custom applications and scalable to fit most requirements. The combination of our market-proven Freescale MQX RTOS and silicon portfolio provides a streamlined and powerful platform by creating a comprehensive source for hardware, software, tools and services needs.

Proven and Widely Used

Shipped in millions of products for more than 20 years, Freescale MQX™ Software Solutions continue to be a popular choice for embedded designers looking for a rock-solid software platform to enable their deterministic and connected designs.

Light on Memory, yet Scalable

MQX™ Software Solutions are available in two platforms to meet the needs of embedded designs. The first is the traditional MQX RTOS platform with both lightweight and fully-featured components, the second is MQX Lite which is a small configuration of MQX RTOS with lightweight components only.

MQX vs. MQX Lite Software Comparison


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    Get a variety of support options to fit your design needs. Our Commercial support provides customers a dedicated private support portal, priority response times, and more.

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  • MQX RTOS v4.1 with optional IPv6 support

    Download now: MQX RTOS v4.1 with optional IPv6 support

    MQX RTOS v4.1 is now available and includes a new BSPs for the latest Kinetis K series devices , other BSP updates, driver improvements and enhanced tool support. Additionally, MQX RTOS 4.1 is now available with optional IPv6 protocol support.

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  • Freescale MQX™ TCP/IP stack now IPv6 Ready

    Freescale MQX™ TCP/IP stack now IPv6 Ready

    Get ready for the worldwide transition to the next generation of the Internet (IPv6), with the new IPv6 extension for MQX Real Time TCP/IP Communication Suite (RTCS). This optional IPv6 add-on extends the RTCS TCP/IP stack to enable single and dual stack operation (IPv4 + IPv6) to ease your transition to IPv6.

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Freescale MQX™ RTOS a full-featured complimentary real-time operating system including the MQX™ Kernel, TCP/IP stack (RTCS), embedded MS-DOS file system (MFS), USB host/device stack, and more. The MQX™ multitasking kernel provides pre-emptive scheduling, fast interrupt response, extensive inter-process communication and synchronization facilities. Its small, configurable size conserves memory space for embedded applications and can be configured as little as 6 KB of ROM, including kernel, interrupts, semaphores, queues and memory manager. MQX RTOS board support packages are available for a number of platforms, including Kinetis, ColdFire, Vybrid and Power Architecture®.



Freescale MQX™ Lite RTOS is a very light MQX™ kernel for resource-limited MCUs. Initially developed for the Kinetis L series family, it allows applications to run with less than 4 KB RAM. It is a true subset of the proven and professionally developed Freescale MQX™ Software Solutions, allowing for easy upward code migration. It is easily configurable within Processor Expert Software to be used with the tool chain of your choice.


MQX vs. MQX Lite Software Comparison

Delivery Mechanism Traditional installer with full source for Kernel, services and BSPs Processor Expert (PEx) Kernel and services component, configurable software generated by PEx
I/O Drivers MQX POSIX compatible drivers with option for using PEx drivers PEx drivers only
Configurability User selects needed services from full or lightweight versions Reduced services available; lightweight options only
Components Kernel, TCP/IP stack, USB stack, file system, middleware, and peripheral drivers. Kernel only, with additional components including USB stack provided by PEx
Availability Kinetis K Series, Vybrid, and select ColdFire and Power Architecture devices Kinetis L Series, Kinetis K Series, and select Kinetis E Series