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Support Services during the Chinese Spring Festival

We are continuously servicing all customers during the Chinese Spring Festival through the Communities and Service Requests in English language. Please note that Chinese language based Service Requests are not processed during this time.

Our Telephone and LiveChat services for non-technical questions during the holiday are provided by our Americas and Europe team, opening hours are reduced accordingly from 17-Feb-2014 through 25-Feb-2014 and Chinese language support is not available during this time

If you require phone or LiveChat assistance, please open the table to see how the opening hours on specific days translate to your timezone.

Technical Communities Support

Freescale support engineers are actively monitoring and answering questions on the following communities:

Enter a Service Request if you are managing sensitive technical information and it can not be dicussed in public.

Create Service Request

You can also Manage Existing Service Requests Online.

Your data is protected by an e-mail address/password combination, and your Service Request number allows for easy follow-up communications.

We reserve the right to redirect your questions to the community if the Service Request does not contain sensitive private information.

For all other non-technical inquiries:

Live Chat

Freescale representatives are ready to help with your non-technical requests.


Talk or leave a message for call-back from a Freescale representative.

Phone Support

Self Help Resources

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Chinese Spring Festival opening hours converted to exemplary cities/timezones

Location Local Timezone Name GMT Offset 17-Feb-2015 through 25-Feb-2015
Bangalore IST 5.5 1:30pm - 5:30am
Beijing CST 8 16:00 - 8:00am
Tokyo TKY 9 17:00 - 9:00am
Canberra EST 11 5pm - 9am