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Please be advised that Phone and Live Chat Services will be unavailable on Thanksgiving (Thu & Fri) during Americas business hours (8am-6pm CST, GMT -6)

Please click on Phone Support for schedule details. You can go to Technical Communities or create a Service Request to reach our team during this time.

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Freescale support engineers are actively monitoring and answering questions on the following communities:

Enter a Service Request if you are managing sensitive technical information and it can not be dicussed in public.

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You can also Manage Existing Service Requests Online.

Your data is protected by an e-mail address/password combination, and your Service Request number allows for easy follow-up communications.

We reserve the right to redirect your questions to the community if the Service Request does not contain sensitive private information.

For all other non-technical inquiries:

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Freescale representatives are ready to help with your non-technical requests.


Talk or leave a message for call-back from a Freescale representative.

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