Offering one of the most extensive portfolio of RF products, Freescale serves the wireless infrastructure, wireless personal area network, general purpose amplifier, broadcast, consumer, medical, smart energy, military and industrial markets. We pioneered RF technology and continue to be a leader with high quality, reliable products using the latest technologies that deliver the highest performance.

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    Freescale is the world leader in RF power products for wireless infrastructure including support for LTE to W-CDMA/UMTS and GSM EDGE, CDMA, and TD-SCDMA. With the largest RF power portfolio in the industry and solutions from 1 W to more than 1 kW, Freescale serves applications from macro cells to small cells, mobile radio, industrial, scientific, medical, consumer and commercial cooking and defense.

RF Power Applications

Freescale Semiconductor provides a broad mix of RF small signal and low power products ranging from general purpose amplifiers, gain blocks, and signal control products to feature-rich, low noise amplifiers and high-performance RFICs. We leverage a broad technology mix based on III-V technologies and advanced SiGe silicon processes to provide our customers with solutions in wireless infrastructure, wireless communications, industrial, scientific, medical, and other markets.

RF Low Power Applications

Freescale offers low-power 2.4 GHz (IEEE® 802.15.4 compliant) and low-power, bi-directional Sub-1 GHz wireless connectivity solutions for building control, home automation, smart metering and smart energy applications — with wireless connectivity protocol support for Thread, IPv6/6LoWPAN, ZigBee/RF4CE, Wireless M-Bus and Bluetooth Low Energy.

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