Technology Leadership

Freescale invests over $800M dollars a year in research and development to enable smallest–geometry, richly optimized and higher–performance products to empower the world around us. Through our research and our ecosystem, we continue to develop advanced technologies that allow greater productivity and speed your time to market while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Freescale has a long history of technology breakthroughs and has developed some of the most world changing inventions. From transmitting the first words from the moon to the sensors for life saving airbags.

Freescale offers best in class architectures for freedom of development in conjunction with industry leading Security and Safety IP. From the reliability and durability of Power Architecture technology to the nimbleness of ARM, you have the design option. Security technology and Functional Safety are critical components to embedded development and we offer the necessary risk reduction tools based on industry standards.

In the race to provide more power in ever smaller spaces, Freescale is advancing System in Package (SiP) technology. Freescale has over 30 years of leadership in semiconductor packaging and manufacturing technology for automotive, industrial, networking and wireless markets. We help customers overcome size, cost and temperature challenges and actively support the need for environmentally safe products.

Freescale's process technologies drive innovation in the market, pushing the boundaries of higher performing, lower power devices in ever smaller packages. Freescale has the deep expertise in advanced process technologies, design technologies, as well as a long, proven track record in high-volume manufacturing.

Energy Management Technology

Helping you to minimize power and optimize energy, Freescale is a leader in power management techniques. We recognize that power and energy are the biggest challenge facing designers and customers across a broad range of markets and applications. We target power management at every level, from process and design technologies to system–level design and development software.

Foundry and Manufacturing Services

Freescale provides strategic foundry services with a wide variety of value–add services to bring your ideas to market ahead of the competition. Our competitive portfolio of technologies offers full service solutions encompassing design kits and proven IP to achieve market success with advanced IC designs.