8-bit Microcontrollers

Our portfolio of 8-bit MCUs provides a wide ranges of low-power, highly-functional solutions for industrial, consumer and automotive markets. From tiny RS08 devices to highly functional S08 controllers with LCD interfaces to ultra-low-power Flexis™ S08 MCUs that offer a connection point in the Controller Continuum to advanced 32-bit solutions, Freescale has the right 8-bit solutions for your applications.

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16-bit Microcontrollers

Freescale has a wide range of 16-bit products to offer automotive and industrial designers. S12 and S12X MCUs provide high-performance 16-bit control functionality. The S12X MCUs feature the innovative XGATE module, designed specifically to handle interrupt events without CPU intervention. As a result, the S12X controller has the high-performance capabilities you would normally expect of a 32-bit controller. S12 MagniV mixed-signal MCUs extend the S12 portfolio and offer the right blend of digital programmability and high precision analog in highly-integrated packages. The 16-bit portfolio also includes a large family of digital signal controllers (DSCs), which combine microcontroller functionality with DSP performance. They are particularly well-suited for advanced motor control applications.

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Digital Signal Controllers

Freescale DSC technology's combination of DSP speed with MCU control makes it the ideal solution for industrial control, motion control, home appliances, general purpose inverters, smart sensors, advanced lighting, fire and security systems, switched-mode power supply power management, and medical monitoring applications. These flexible 16-bit devices are particularly well suited for electric motor control and have significantly impacted the home appliance market, spawning quieter and more energy efficient washing machines and dishwashers, for example.

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Qorivva 32-bit MCUs based on Power Architecture® Technology

Power Architecture is the world's leading architecture for automotive powertrain control, body electronics, safety and chassis, and instrument cluster applications. Our automotive qualified 32-bit Qorivva processors built on Power Architecture technology deliver highly integrated single and multicore solutions for many automotive design needs. With Qorivva microcontrollers, you get a full range of performance and memory options so you can design scalable applications for more fuel-efficient, safer and secure automobiles.

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MAC7xxx 32-bit Automotive MCUs (Legacy)

The MAC7xxx family of microcontrollers is a pin-compatible family of 32-bit flash memory-based devices developed specifically for embedded automotive applications.

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Kinetis MCUs based on ARM® Cortex® Technology

32-bit Kinetis MCUs represent the most scalable portfolio of ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCUs in the industry. The first phase of the portfolio consists of five MCU families with over 200 pin-, peripheral- and software compatible devices with outstanding performance, memory and feature scalability. Enabled by innovative 90nm Thin Film Storage (TFS) flash technology with unique FlexMemory (configurable embedded EEPROM), Kinetis features the latest low-power innovations and high performance, high precision mixed-signal capability. Kinetis MCUs are supported by a market-leading enablement bundle from Freescale and ARM 3rd party ecosystem partners.

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MAC57Dxxx 32-bit ARM®-Based MCUs

The MAC57Dxxx family is the next-generation platform of devices specifically targeted at driver information systems (DIS) market using single and dual high resolution displays.

Leveraging the highly successful MPC56xxS product families, our next generation product families powered by ARM® processors, coupled with 2D graphics accelerators, Head Up Display (HUD) warping engines, high resolution displays, integrated stepper motor drivers with patented stepper stall detect offering leading-edge performance and scalability for cost-effective applications.

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ColdFire+ 32-bit MCUs

32-bit ColdFire+ microcontrollers build upon the ColdFire architecture's strong heritage and signify the next step in it's evolution. Enabled by innovative 90nm Thin Film Storage (TFS) flash technology with unique FlexMemory (configurable embedded EEPROM), ColdFire+ adds high precision, high performance mixed signal capabilities, incredible ultra-low-power capabilities and key peripherals for specific market applications. A comprehensive enablement bundle delivers a one-stop-shop solution for MCUs, development tools and runtime software easing the development process.

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ColdFire 32-bit MCUs

The 32-bit ColdFire embedded controller architecture is unlike any other in the industry. A broad portfolio of industrial-focused MCUs delivers an unparalleled range of performance and peripheral options including ultra-low power, segment and graphics LCD, USB and Ethernet.. Enabled by a vast ecosystem of development tools and design resources, the ColdFire family of embedded controllers is a flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-use 32-bit solution for your next consumer or industrial application.

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MCU Programming Center

The MCU programming center offers a flash programming service for medium to high volume customers and is available for a range of Freescale MCU products. This service is ideal for customers who have annual production volume in excess of 250k units, have finalized their production code pattern and chose not to program their code during their own production cycle.

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