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Freescale leverages our expertise in microcontrollers, sensors, analog and wireless products to offer a wide array of embedded technologies ideal for use in home portable medical applications, diagnostic and therapy devices and medical imaging devices. Freescale is dedicated to helping people live a better life by driving innovation and enabling medical device manufacturers to leverage the latest technology available to use for their products.

Medical/Healthcare  Applications

Medical/Healthcare  Products

  • Healthcare analog Front End (AFE)

    Portable Healthcare Design. Accelerated.

    The Healthcare Analog Front End (AFE) reference platform speeds time to market and lowers development costs by providing an easy to use hardware platform complete with schematics and software for easy prototyping. Specific healthcare applications include portable electrocardiographs, fetal heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, spirometers and Doppler ultrasound stethoscopes.

    Explore the Healthcare AFE reference platform

  • Pursuing Health in New, Networked Ways

    Transforming the Lives of the Visually Impaired

    High performance and energy efficient i.MX 6Quad processors power OrCam's eyeglass-mounted device for the visually impaired. The i.MX 6Quad processor interprets visual inputs and communicates their meaning in real time to the person wearing the technology.

    Explore the OrCam case study

  • Make it Medical

    Kinetis KL3x and KL4x MCUs for Battery Powered and LCD Applications

    The Kinetis L series 32-bit MCU line, built on the ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processor, has expanded to include the KL3x and KL4x. The families are optimized to achieve extended battery life ideal for portable medical products. The devices include enhanced onboard memory, as well as integrated or optional segment LCD and USB interfaces designed to enhance performance, reduce board space and lower total system costs.

    Explore Kinetis L series MCUs

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