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8-bit Microcontrollers

Tap into a broad portfolio of 8-bit microcontrollers which includes hardware and software tools, from cost-effective demo boards to advanced, high-performance debuggers for our entire portfolio of MCUs. In addition, you have direct access to application notes, reference designs, online tutorials, discussion groups, training events and many other useful design assistance programs.

8-bit Microcontrollers

8-bit Microcontrollers Parametric Search 

Microcontroller Selector 

  • S08
    • S08 3.6V MCUs
      • HC08Q: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation Q MCUs 
      • S08GB: 8-bit General Purpose GB MCUs 
      • S08GT: 8-bit General Purpose GT MCUs 
      • S08GW: 8-bit Low-Power LCD GW MCUs 
      • S08JE: 8-bit Flexis USB JE MCUs 
      • S08LC: 8-bit LCD for Battery-Powered and Handheld LC MCUs 
      • S08LH: 8-bit with LCD Driver LH MCUs 
      • S08LL: 8-bit Segment LCD LL MCUs 
      • S08MM: 8-bit Flexis USB Low-Power MM128/64/32 MCUs 
      • S08QA: 8-bit QA MCUs 
      • S08QB: 8-bit QB MCUs 
      • S08QE: 8-bit Flexis QE MCUs 
      • S08QG: 8-bit Small Package QG MCUs 
      • S08R: 8-bit S08RC, S08RD, S08RE and S08RG MCUs 
    • S08 5.5V MCUs
      • S08AC: 8-bit Flexis AC128/96/60/48/32 MCUs 
      • S08AW: 8-bit General Purpose AW60/48/32/16 MCUs 
      • S08D: 8-bit Cost-Effective with CAN D MCUs 
      • S08EL-SL: 8-bit EEPROM with LIN S08EL and S08SL MCUs 
      • S08FL: 8-bit Cost-Effective FL16/8 MCUs 
      • S08JM: 8-bit USB Cost-Effective JM MCUs 
      • S08JS: 8-bit USB JS MCUs 
      • S08LG: 8-bit Segment LCD S08LG32 and S08LG16 MCUs 
      • S08MP: 8-bit General Purpose MP MCUs 
      • S08P: 8-bit 5V EEPROM with TSI MCUs 
      • S08QD: 8-bit Small Package QD MCUs 
      • S08RN: 8-bit EEPROM with TSI for Body Electronics MCUs 
      • S08SC4: 8-bit C4 Small Package SC4 MCUs 
      • S08SE: 8-bit General Purpose SE MCUs 
      • S08SF: 8-bit Motor Control SF MCUs 
      • S08SG: 8-bit Small Package SG MCUs 
      • S08SH: 8-bit General Purpose SH MCUs 
      • S08SL: 8-bit EEPROM with LIN S08EL and S08SL MCUs 
      • S08SV: 8-bit General Purpose Best-in-Class performance SV MCUs 
  • RS08
    • RS08KA: 8-bit General Purpose Ultra-Low-End Market KA MCUs 
    • RS08KB: 8-bit  Ultra-Low-Cost KB MCUs 
    • RS08LA: 8-bit with LCD Driver LA MCUs 
    • RS08LE: 8-bit with LCD Driver LE MCUs 
  • HC08
    • 68HC08LT8: 8-bit ROM option with LCD Driver LT8 MCUs 
    • HC08AB: 8-bit Embedded EEPROM for User Data Storage AB MCUs 
    • HC08AP: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation AP MCUs 
    • HC08AS-AZ: 8-bit with CAN AS and AZ MCUs 
    • HC08EY: 8-bit General Purpose EY MCUs 
    • HC08G: 8-bit General Purpose G MCUs 
    • HC08GZ: 8-bit General Purpose with CAN GZ MCUs 
    • HC08JB-JG-JT-JW: 8-bit General Purpose JB, JG, JT and JW MCUs 
    • HC08JK-JL: 8-bit General Purpose JK and JL MCUs 
    • HC08K: 8-bit USB K MCUs 
    • HC08LJ-LK: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation LJ and LK MCUs 
    • HC08MR: 8-bit General Purpose MR MCUs 
    • MC3PHAC: Motor Control Unit 
  • 8-bit Intelligent Distributed Controllers
    • MM908E621: 8-Bit MCU with integrated Vreg, H-B, HSS, LIN Phy 
    • MM908E622: 8-Bit MCU with Vreg, H-B, EC glass Driver, LIN Phy 
    • MM908E624: 8-Bit MCU with integrated Vreg, HSS, Relay Drivers, LIN 
    • MM908E625: 8-Bit MCU with integrated Vreg, configurable H-B, LIN 
    • MM908E626: 8-Bit MCU with integrated Vreg, Stepper, LIN Phy 
  • HC05 (Legacy)
  • HC11 (Legacy)

8-bit Microcontrollers  by Application

  • MCU 10.6

    Download now: CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers v10.6

    Freescale’s CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers v10.6 is a full new product release with build tools, debugger, and Processor Expert improvements; 64-bit support for S12Z devices; New Processor Expert Component Inspector available; and P&E Cyclone Universal [FX] support.

    Download it now

  • MCU Programming Center

    MCU Programming Center

    Visit the MCU programming center and learn more about our flash programming service available for medium- to high-volume customers and for a range of Freescale MCU products.

    Learn More

  • Sensors

    Motor Control Wizard

    Find the best fit MCU or MPU for your next motor control design using Freescale’s Motor Control Wizard. Answer simple questions leading you to recommended solutions from the Kinetis MCU, DSC, Qorivva and 8-bit MCU portfolios. Identify additional hardware and software resources.

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