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QorIQ Processing Platforms

Freescale QorIQ processing platforms offer industry-leading performance, scalability and power efficiency for intelligent infrastructure and mobile networks. QorIQ platforms provide a coherent multicore migration solution enabling you to make the move to multicore and optimize your multicore designs with confidence. With processor families built on Power Architecture® cores or ARM® cores, QorIQ platforms are system-on-chip (SoC) processors designed for smallest form factor to highest performance applications from end to end of the network.

The QorIQ Communications Platform processors are based on Power Architecture technology while the new QorIQ processors built on Layerscape architecture feature a core-agnostic architecture that supports Power Architecture or ARM cores. The QorIQ Qonverge platform features Power Architecture cores with DSP integration to deliver the industry’s first base station on chip. QorIQ platforms offer ready-to-go software and services along with extensive programming support from our ecosystem partners to accelerate time to market.

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C29x Family of Crypto Coprocessors

The C29x family of crypto coprocessors is a public key offload solution for data center and network security appliances, offering 8k to 32k of 2048 bit RSA transactions per second. These devices can be used as a companion to QorIQ communications processors or alongside other host processors on the market today, including X86.

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PowerQUICC Communications Processors

Through a wide range of low-power and high-performance solutions, the PowerQUICC families built on Power Architecture technology support the entire spectrum of embedded networking equipment applications, from the core to the edge to residential access. They are also ideal for networked equipment applications in the industrial and general-purpose computing markets, delivering support for a wide variety of protocols and interfaces, including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, PCI Express® Serial RapidIO®, ATM, HDLC, USB and PCMCIA.


Host and Integrated Host Processors (8xxx, 7xxx, 7xx, 6xx)

Freescale Power Architecture-based host processors employ e500 or e600 cores to deliver breakthrough performance, connectivity and integration for embedded networking, telecom, aerospace and defense, storage, industrial and pervasive computing applications.

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Image Cognition Processors

Freescale image cognition processors (ICPs) enable programmable intelligent imaging and video applications for automotive vision systems. ICP solutions have superior performance for area and power consumed when compared with traditional programmable DSP-based solutions that exhibit higher clock speeds and higher power consumption. Powered by CogniVue APEX™ programmable technology—a massively parallel image processing architecture—key for enabling the low power, small size, high levels of integration and low cost required in smart camera modules for the automotive market.

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i.MX Applications Processors based on ARM® Technology

Freescale i.MX applications processors based on the ARM architecture deliver an optimal balance of performance and long battery life for rich multimedia experiences on the go. The i.MX applications processor family includes processors based on ARM9™, ARM11™, ARM Cortex™-A8 and Cortex-A9 core technologies, which are powering new applications in consumer, automotive and industrial markets that demand exceptional performance and efficiency.

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Vybrid Controller Solutions based on ARM® Technology

Vybrid devices are built on an asymmetrical-multiprocessing architecture using ARM® cores as the anchor for the platform. The Vybrid portfolio brings to market a unique, low-power system solution that provides customers a way to combine industrial applications requiring rich human-machine interfaces and connectivity with real-time determinism. This enables customers to create systems that concurrently run a high-level operating system such as Linux® and a real-time operating system such as MQX on the same device. The families in the Vybrid portfolio span entry-level, single core Cortex-A class SoCs all the way to dual heterogeneous core SoCs with multiple communication and connectivity options.

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ColdFire/68K Processors

A broad portfolio of industrial-focused MPUs delivers an unparalleled range of performance and peripheral options including ultra-low power, segment and graphics LCD, USB and Ethernet. Enabled by a vast ecosystem of development tools and design resources, the ColdFire family of embedded controllers is a flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-use 32-bit solution for your next consumer or industrial application.

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StarCore Digital Signal Processors

Our highest performance programmable DSP families based on StarCore technology offering up to six cores running at 1.2 GHz. These devices are targeted for the baseband, aerospace, defense, medical and test and measurement markets.

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DSP56K/Symphony Digital Signal Processors

The DSP56K family of Digital Signal Processors are designed to meet the demands of embedded DSP applications needing low power consumption, high processing capability with low price points. With a balance of audio peripherals and 24-bit precision, the Symphony family of devices are used in applications ranging from virtual surround headsets to audio amplifiers and complex sound mixing consoles.

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