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Circle Momentum
32 bit

i.MX Applications Processors

  • ARM® Cortex®-A8/A9, ARM9™, ARM11™
  • Optimized for multimedia rich, battery-operated smart devices
64 bit 32 bit

QorIQ Processing Platforms

  • Power Architecture® and ARM Cortex-A7/A57
  • Optimized for intelligent infrastructure and mobile networks
32 bit

PowerQUICC Processors

  • Power Architecture
  • Optimized for networked equipment applications
32 bit

StarCore DSPs

  • 32-bit StarCore Technology
  • Optimized for mobile networks
32 bit

ColdFire MPUs

  • Freescale architecture
  • General embedded applications
32 bit

Vybrid Controllers

  • ARM Cortex A5
  • A multicore platform for industrial applications