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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are a new standard for improved vehicle safety. Freescale utilizes its advanced integration techniques to provide a TPMS solution that provides real-time tire pressure monitoring, alerting the driver of improperly inflated tires. Freescale TPMS products are designed for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 138 and car manufacturer requirements throughout the world.

Freescale's tire pressure monitor sensor solution integrates a pressure sensor, 8-bit microcontroller (MCU), RF transmitter and either a single (Z) axis or dual (XZ) axis accelerometer into a single package. When installed in a module on the wheel rims, this solution provides real-time air pressure measurements for each tire that can be transmitted to the vehicle instrument cluster to instantly inform the driver of improperly inflated tires.

Target Applications

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Direct TPMS
  • High-end tire localization
Freescale Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) block diagram

Recommended Solutions

Products Features
TPMS Sensor
FXTH87: Freescale FXTH87 Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Family Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors ranging from 100-900 kPa support cars and light trucks TPMS markets. Integrated pressure and temperature sensors, single (Z) axis or dual (XZ) axis accelerometer, MCU and RF transmitter in an industry smallest 7 mm x 7 mm package.
Microcontroller MCU
KEA: Kinetis KEA - Ultra-Reliable 5V MCUs for Industrial and Transportation 32-bit ARM®-based MCUs, up to 128K Flash and up to 16K RAM
MC12311: Sub-1 GHz RF and 8-bit HCS08 MCU with 32KB Flash, 2KB RAM Sub-1 GHz RF and 8-bit HCS08 MCU with 32KB Flash, 2KB RAM
KW0x: Kinetis KW0x - 48 MHz, Sub-1 GHz Radio, Ultra Low Power Wireless Microcontrollers (MCUs) Kinetis KW0x Family of Sub-1 GHz Radio Wireless MCUs
MPC5510: Freescale 32-bit MCU for Body Electronics Applications 32-bit Power Architecture MCU
MPC560xB: Freescale 32-bit MCU for Body Electronics Applications 32-bit Power Architecture MCU
MPC5668G: Freescale Dual-Core 32-bit MCU for Gateway Applications 32-bit dual-core Power Architecture MCU
S08RN: 8-bit EEPROM with TSI for Body Electronics MCUs Up to 60kb of Flash, up to 4kb of RAM
S12XE: High Performance 16-bit MCUs for Automotive and Industrial Applications 16-bit MCU, up to 1M Flash
S12XS: 16-Bit Automotive Microcontroller 16-bit MCU, up to 256K Flash
S08D: 8-bit Cost-Effective with CAN D MCUs Watchdog MCU, up to 128K Flash
Physical I/F
MC33897: Single-Wire Can Transceiver CAN I/F
MC33901: High-Speed CAN Transceiver for Automotive Applications High Speed CAN I/F
  • All-in-one tire pressure monitor sensor solution with robust capacitive pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and up to 2-axis acceleration sensing capabilities for reduced costs and development cycle time
  • High level of integration supports the design of compact, low weigth, wheel-mounted TPMS modules
  • Suitable for advanced features like tire localization, auto-learning and very low speed detection
  • Can be used in a variety of battery and battery-less systems
  • Freescale supplied firmware to handle sensor measurements, the RF interface and typical math functions as well as the factory test interface
  • Pressure sensor with two pressure range options. Passenger cars: 100-450 kPa and light trucks: 100-900 kPa

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