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Watt Saver Solution for Chargers  Favorite

Vampire draw is the loss of power that occurs when an AC adapter is plugged into an electrical outlet, but isn't charging a device. Freescale's Watt Saver Solution completely eliminates vampire draw when a device is disconnected or fully charged, making the world greener one battery at a time. Our innovative no-load consumption for AC adapters, or Watt Saver solution, prevents the wasting of power in an AC adapter when:

  • A rechargeable device is not plugged into the AC adaptor.
  • A rechargeable device is plugged in but the battery is fully charged.
  • An AC plugged-in device is in stand-by mode.

Freescale's Watt Saver Solution is patent-pending and includes a standard 8-bit MCU, along with customized Freescale firmware, that together help reduce overall power consumption. Other sensors, RF and analog circuitry can be integrated for more complex implementation.

Target Applications

  • Cellular phone chargers
  • Portable electronic device chargers
  • AC adapters for notebook PCs, netbooks and tablets
Freescale Watt Saver Solution for Chargers application block diagram

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