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Universal Motor  Favorite

The stator and rotor windings of the motor are connected in series through the rotor commutator. Therefore the universal motor is also known as an AC series motor or an AC commutator motor. The universal motor can be controlled either as a phase-angle drive or as a chopper drive.


  • Substitutes another field winding for DC motor’s permanent magnets
  • Can be driven by AC or DC (hence "universal")
  • High construction complexity
  • Low reliability
  • Low efficiency
  • Poor EMI (brushes create sparks and ozone)
  • Driven by rheostat, chopper or phase angle (SCR or Triac) controllers
  • Some degree of sensorless speed control possible
  • Good power to weight ratio

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Freescale Universal Motor application block diagram

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Microcontrollers (MCU)
RS08KA: 8-bit General Purpose Ultra-Low-End Market KA MCUs Ultra-low-end 8-bit MCU, 8K Flash, ultra-small package, low-cost for simple motor control
S08AC: 8-bit Flexis AC128/96/60/48/32 MCUs 8-bit MCU, 16-128K Flash, low-cost, dedicated motor control peripherals
S08MP: 8-bit General Purpose MP MCUs 8-bit MCU, 16K Flash, low-cost, dedicated motor control peripherals
S08QD: 8-bit Small Package QD MCUs 8-bit MCU, 4K Flash, ideal for low-end motor control applications
S08SF: 8-bit Motor Control SF MCUs 8-bit MCU, 4K Flash, precise, quiet and safe control for simple motor control applications
S08SH: 8-bit General Purpose SH MCUs 8-bit MCU, 8-32K Flash, strong analog capabilities, ganged output option to support high current drive, ideal for small motor control applications
56F824X_825X: Digital Signal Controller 16-bit DSC 64K Flash with eFlexPWM