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The Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor is a rotating electric machine where the stator is a classic three-phase stator like that of an induction motor and the rotor has permanent magnets.

The use of a permanent magnet to generate a substantial air gap magnetic flux makes it possible to design highly efficient PM motors.

Key Features

  • Medium construction complexity, multiple fields, delicate magnets
  • High reliability (no brush wear), even at very high achievable speeds
  • High efficiency
  • Low EMI
  • Driven by multi-phase inverter controllers
  • Sensorless speed control possible
  • Higher total system cost than for DC motors
  • Smooth rotation without torque ripple
  • Appropriate for position control

Freescale Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor application block diagram

Recommended Solutions

Products Features
Controllers (MCU and DSC)
MC56F84xxx: Digital Signal Controllers Fast ADC, 32-bit DSP core, quadrature decoder, flexible advanced timer
K10_72: Kinetis K10 - 72 MHz, Scalable, Serial Communication Microcontrollers (MCUs) FlexTimer and ADC for advanced motor control
K10_100: Kinetis K10 - 100 MHz, High Precision Analog Integration, Advanced Serial Communication Microcontrollers (MCUs) FlexTimer and ADC for advanced motor control
K10_120: Kinetis K10 - 120 MHz, High Analog Integration, Advanced Serial Communication Microcontrollers (MCUs) Features: Cortex-M4 with FPU for advanced math
MPC564xL: Ultra-Reliable Dual-Core 32-bit MCU for Automotive and Industrial Applications 32-bit MCU built on Power Architecture® technology
Voltage Regulator
MC33730: Switch Mode Power Supply with Multiple Linear Regulators Switch-mode power supply with multiple linear regulators
MC34717: 5.0A 1.0MHz Integrated Dual Switch-Mode Power Supply 5.0A, 0.7V/3.6V adj., dual switch-mode power supply
MC33901: High-Speed CAN Transceiver for Automotive Applications High Speed CAN I/F
MC33903: System Basis Chip Gen2 with High-speed CAN and LIN System Basis Chip with LIN and high-speed CAN I/Fs
MC33904: System Basis Chip Gen2 with High Speed CAN System Basis Chip with high-speed CAN I/Fs
MC33905: System Basis Chip Gen2 with High-speed CAN and LIN System Basis Chip with LIN and high-speed CAN I/Fs
Power Stage Driver
GD3000: 3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver Three-Phase MOSFET Pre-Driver, 6V-58V, -20 to +105
MC33937: Three Phase Field Effect Transistor Pre-driver For >40 VDC, 3ph FET pre-driver
Software and Tools
FreeMASTER Run-Time Debugging Tool Real-time control and debugging tool for Digital Signal Controllers
Embedded Software Motor Control and Power Conversion Libraries Embedded Software and Motor Control Libraries
Kinetis Motor Suite Kinetis motor suite for tuning, observing and managing motor control system operation
Solution Advisor: Interactive Product Selector Guide Online and interactive Motor Control product selector
USB2SER: USB to Serial Bridge - a Ready Play Solution Communication bridge, full-speed USB 2.0 to UART RS232/485, optional hardware/software flow control, even/odd parity, stop bits config and driver support
  • Dedicated motor control peripherals, high energy efficiency and extensive motor control library
  • IEC60730 Safety Libraries
  • QuickStart initialization and development tool for DSCs
  • FreeMASTER real-time control and debugging tool for Kinetis, Freescale, & DSC families
  • Motor Control Toolbox provides advanced setup and simulation capabilities
  • DSC offers eight-channel pulse-width modulation (PWM) for micro-stepping functionality
  • DSC includes a high-performance PWM (312ps resolution) and highly accurate ADC (12-bit, 300ns conversion rate)
  • DSC integrated PGA, DAC and HSCMP reduces the need for external components and simplifies system complexity and cost
  • DSC offers the highest BLDC, ACIM, SR, and PMSM motor control performance for lowest cost
  • Kinetis FlexTimer & 16-bit SAR ADC enables any type of advanced motor control
  • Kinetis CortexM4 with FPU provides advanced math processing
  • MPC5510 leverages Power Architecture network for third party tools and software
  • Switching and LDO voltage regulators provide various capabilities including shor circuit, over current protect and over/under voltage protect
  • Selected voltage regulators provide reverse battery protect and thermal shutdown
  • The MC33730 provides MCU monitoring, fail safe, diagnostics, power sequencing and programmable voltages
  • The MC33937 provides 1.0A gate drive for external MOSFETS, with protection and an on-chip charge pump
  • System Basis Chip devices provide a combination of voltage regulation as well as communication interfaces for CAN and LIN protocols in one IC

What's New

  • MTRCKTSPNZVM128: 3-phase Sensorless PMSM Development Kit with S12 MagniV MC9S12ZVML128 MCU

Featured Products

  • Kinetis KV3x MCU
    Kinetis KV3x MCU ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCU family for motor control
  • Motor Control Wizard
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