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Portable Electrocardiograph (ECG)  Favorite

Portable electrocardiograph (ECG) monitors are vital tools used by healthcare providers to help identify cardiac conditions and monitor patient health.

An ECG monitor can come in many forms, ranging from hand-held devices for remote monitoring to sophisticated patient monitoring systems used by hospitals.

In order to create a complete ECG solution, Freescale has partnered with Monebo Kinetic™ ECG Algorithm.

Target Application

Freescale Portable Electrocardiograph (ECG) block diagram

Recommended Solutions

Products Features
Microcontrollers (MCU)
K20_100: Kinetis K20 - 100 MHz, USB, High Precision Analog Integration, Serial Communication Microcontrollers (MCUs) MCU with ARM Cortex™-M4 core, 1MB flash, USB
Kinetis K5x Measurement Microcontrollers (MCUs) Integrated OPAMPS, TRIAMPS, USB, Ethernet and segment LCD controller
K60_100: Kinetis K60 - 100 MHz, Ethernet, USB, Analog Integration MCUs MCU with ARM Cortex™-M4 Core, 1M flash, 10/100 ETH, Floating Point
Microprocessors (MPU)
i.MX28 Applications Processors: Integrated Power Management Unit (PMU), ARM9™ Core ARM9®, single-core, 454MHz, display, 10/100 ETH, CAN, PMU, <1W
i.MX6S: i.MX 6Solo Processors – Single-Core, Multimedia, 3D Graphics, ARM Cortex-A9 Core ARM® Cortex™-A9, single-core, up to 1GHz, display, graphics, video, 10/100/1000 ETH, CAN, PCIe, PMU
i.MX515: Applications Processors - Advanced HMI, High Performance, Low Power, ARM® Cortex®-A8 Core ARM Cortex™-A8 processor, WXGA, 10/100 ETH, 1600 MIPS <1W
VF5xx: ARM® Cortex®-A5 based Microprocessors with 1.5MB SRAM, LCD, security, 2x Ethernet, L2 switch ARM Cortex-A5 500MHz, 1.5M SRAM, Display, dual 10/100 ETH, dual CAN, PMU, <1W
Power Management
MC34704: Multi-channel Power Management IC (PMIC) Multi-channel Power Management IC
MMPF0100: 14 Channel Configurable Power Management IC I.MX power management IC (PMIC)
MMPF0200: 12 Channel Configurable Power Management IC I.MX power management IC (PMIC)
PF3000: 12-Channel Configurable PMIC For lower-end versions of Cortex-A9 and Cortex-A7 based i.MX application processors
Display with Touch Screen
MPR03x: Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller 2 or 3-pad touch sensor
TSSMCU: Freescale Touch-Sensing for MCUs Xtrinsic Touch-Sensing Software, converts S08 and ColdFire V1 MCUs into touch sensors
CRTOUCH: Freescale Touch-Sensing Platform, a Ready Play Solution Resistive screen controller with basic gesture recognition, and up to four capacitive touch-sensing electrodes
MPR121: Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller 1.71 V to 3.6 V operation, 12 electrodes, I2C interface, with optional IRQ output to advise electrode status changes
RS08KA: 8-bit General Purpose Ultra-Low-End Market KA MCUs 8-bit low-cost MCU
S08JS: 8-bit USB JS MCUs 8-bit low-cost MCU, USB
S08MM: 8-bit Flexis USB MM128/64/32 MCUs 8-bit ultra-low-power MCU, USB
S08QE: 8-bit Flexis QE MCUs 8-bit ultra-low-power MCU
  • Freescale product longevity program offers up to 15-year availability for selected products
  • A spectrum of processors (ColdFire, i.MX and Power Architecture®) in terms of performance and integration
  • Freescale's Controller Continuum enables development on an 8-bit platform that can then be upgraded to 32-bit platforms as new application needs arise
  • Kinetis K50 family combines integrated measurement engine and high performance Cortex™ M4 core up to 100 MHz
  • Dedicated medical peripherals and healthcare connectivity stacks
  • USB, IEEE® 802.15.4 and ZigBee® technology solutions for wireless interfaces
  • Pressure sensors packaged specifically for medical applications
  • i.MX MPUs - versatile platform for display and multimedia applications
  • Touch U/I suited for sterile handheld monitors
  • Cost-effective, amplified, small form factor sensors with high sensitivity