Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Converter and Charger  Favorite

The AC/DC charger may be external or embedded into the vehicle. The charger interfaces with the battery management system which ensures a proper charge of electricity of the cells until it fulfills the high-voltage (HV) requirements. The HV battery is essential to drive the traction motor(s) upon operation. It also provides 12V through a converter for the other electronic modules of the car. This solution may be different dependent upon charging modes (slow, mid or fast) and technology (wired or wireless).

Target Applications

  • Charger
  • Converter
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Freescale Hybrid Electric Vehicle Converter and Charger Block diagram thumbnail

Recommended Solutions

Products Features
Battery Pack Control
MPC560xB: Freescale 32-bit MCU for Body Electronics Applications Scalable MCU family with Power Architecture®
S12XE: High Performance 16-bit MCUs for Automotive and Industrial Applications 16-bit automotive microcontroller scalable to 1 MB
S12XS: 16-Bit Automotive Microcontroller 16-bit automotive Microcontroller
S12P: 16-Bit Microcontroller Low-cost 16-bit automotive microcontroller
S12G: Feature-rich Family of 16-bit MCUs for General Automotive and Industrial Applications Cost-effective S12 with CAN & LIN/SAE interfaces
12V Battery Monitoring
MM912_637: Battery Sensor with LIN for 12V Lead-acid Batteries Intelligent Integrated Precision Battery Sensor
MM9Z1_638: Battery Sensor with CAN and LIN Battery Sensor with CAN and LIN
DC/DC converter
56F824X_825X: Digital Signal Controller Non automotive part, for external charger only

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