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The Doppler fetal heart rate monitor is a hand-held ultrasound transducer that uses the Doppler Effect to provide an audible simulation of the heart beat and displays the number of beats per minute. To achieve this, acoustic waves are sent to the heart of a fetus inside the mother’s womb. Part of the energy bounces back, however, because the heart is beating, the bounced waves will be affected by the Doppler Effect, which changes their frequency.

An ultrasonic probe is a key component in the system. The probe consists of an oscillator to generate ultrasound frequency (for these applications, the range is 1–3 MHz) followed by an amplifier to condition the sine wave in the order of volts. This waveform is applied to the transmitter transducer to send vibrations through the body and bounce back when the density of the medium changes. Another transducer is then used to receive the bounced vibrations and convert them to electrical signals.

Fetal heart rate monitors are increasingly being used in the home, allowing parents to listen to their baby’s heart beat.

Read more about fetal heart rate monitors (pdf)

Freescale Fetal Heart Rate Monitors block diagram

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Products Features
Microcontrollers (MCU)
RS08LA: 8-bit with LCD Driver LA MCUs 8-bit MCU, LCD driver
S08JM: 8-bit USB Cost-Effective JM MCUs 8-bit MCU, USB
S08LL: 8-bit Segment LCD LL MCUs 8-bit low-power MCU, segment LCD control
S08QE: 8-bit Flexis QE MCUs 8-bit ultra-low-power MCU
MCF51QE: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire V1 Microcontroller 32-bit ultra-low-power MCU, 256K flash, USB
VF3xx: ARM® Cortex®-A5 based Microprocessors with 1.5MB SRAM, LCD, security, 2x Ethernet, L2 switch ARM Cortex-A5 266MHz, 1.5M SRAM, Display, dual 10/100 ETH, dual CAN, PMU, <1W
Keypad or Touch Screen
MPR121: Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller 12-pad touch sensor
MPR03x: Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller 2 or 3-pad touch sensor
TSSMCU: Freescale Touch-Sensing for MCUs Xtrinsic Touch-Sensing software, converts S08 and ColdFire V1 MCUs into touch sensors
CRTOUCH: Freescale Touch-Sensing Platform – a Ready Play Solution Resistive screen controller with basic gesture recognition, and up to four capacitive touch-sensing electrodes
Power Management
MC34712: 3.0A 1.0MHz Integrated DDR Switch-Mode Power Supply Li-Ion battery charger, DDR switch-mode power supply (3.0A, 1MHz)
MC34713: 5.0A 1.0MHz Integrated Single Switch-Mode Power Supply Li-Ion battery charger, single switch-mode power supply (5A, 1MHz)
MC34716: 1.0 MHz Dual Switch-Mode DDR Power Supply Li-Ion battery charger, dual switch-mode DDR power supply (5A, 1Mhz)
MC34717: 5.0A 1.0MHz Integrated Dual Switch-Mode Power Supply Li-Ion battery charger, dual switch-mode power supply (5A, 3.3V)
Wireless Communications
MC13211: 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 RF and 8-bit HCS08 MCU with 16KB Flash, 1KB RAM 2.4 GHz low-cost system in package (SiP)
MC13233: 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 RF and 8-bit HCS08 MCU with up to 82KB Flash, 5KB RAM 2.4 GHz wireless system on chip with S08 MCU
  • 8-bit MCUs offer low-power consumption to enable longer battery life
  • S08LL MCU provides additional superior LCD controller IP
  • Dedicated medical peripherals and healthcare connectivity stacks
  • USB, IEEE® 802.15.4 and ZigBee® technology solutions for wireless interfaces
  • Pressure sensors packaged specifically for medical applications
  • High end MPIs, video and graphics acceleration
  • Touch U/I suited for sterile handheld monitors
  • Cost-effective, amplified, small form factor sensors with high sensitivity
  • Integrated analog portfolio that enables maximum battery life with advanced PMICs
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