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Three-phase electricity meters (also called polyphase electricity meters) are used in residential and commercial metering applications and are a key part of implementing the smart grid.

These meters measure energy (e.g., active, reactive, apparent) and feature flash upgrade, connectivity and security features, including tamper detection.

Freescale Polyphase Electricity Meter block diagram

Recommended Solutions

Products Features
Microcontrollers (MCU)
Kinetis K3x Segment LCD Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCUs up to 100 MHz
Kinetis M Series: Metrology Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Cores 24bit Sigma Delta plus M0+ MCU with integrated LCD
MC12311: Sub-1 GHz RF and 8-bit HCS08 MCU with 32KB Flash, 2KB RAM Sub 1-GHz smart radio
KW2x: Kinetis KW2x - 2.4 GHz RF, Analog Mixed Signal, IEEE® 802.15.4, Low Power Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU core
KW0x: Kinetis KW0x - 48 MHz, Sub-1 GHz Radio, Ultra Low Power Wireless Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM® Cortex™-M0+ 48 MHz CPU core
  • Frequency range up to 1020 MHz, bandwidth up to 300 kbps and +17 dBm output power
  • Proven ZigBee®, IPv6/6LoWPAN/802.15.4g, and Wireless Mbus software stacks for HAN and NAN connectivity
  • MK30 reference design tested metrology solutions
  • Lowest cost 3-phase metrology solution on the market

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