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Digital X-ray is a form of x-ray imaging where digital sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. It revolutionized the classic x-ray by providing more information, reducing diagnostic time, lowering cost and opening access to a broader range of post-processing tools.

Freescale's family of DSPs—with their high-processing capacity of up to 48GMACS, built-in FFT HW accelerators, low-power consumption and competitive pricing—provide a realistic solution for replacing FPGAs and ASICs. Combined with the i.MX ARM®-based MPU family and 2D-3D built-in accelerators and rich connectivity, they are the perfect combination for your next-generation design.

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Freescale Digital X-Ray block diagram

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Products Features
Microcontrollers (MCU) and Processors (MPU)
i.MX6S: i.MX 6Solo Processors – Single-Core, Multimedia, 3D Graphics, ARM Cortex-A9 Core ARM® Cortex™-A9, single-core, up to 1GHz, display, graphics, video, 10/100/1000 ETH, CAN, PCIe, PMU
MPC5121e: 32-bit Power Architecture® Microcontrollers 32-bit Embedded processor, e300 core, I²C, CAN, ETH, USB
MCF5227X: V2 Microprocessor with Touchscreen, LCD Controller and USB 32-bit low-cost MPU, LCD, USB OTG, CAN
MPC8536E: PowerQUICC III Processor with DDR2/3, eSDHC, PCI, PCI Express, SATA, SerDes, 1 GB Ethernet, USB, Security Processor, 10/100/1000 ETH, PCIe, SAT, advanced power management
P1022: QorIQ P1022/13 Communications Processors with Advanced Energy Management Dual-core processor, LCD, USB, PCIe, advanced energy management
Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
MSC8151: High-Performance Single-Core DSP Single-core StarCore-based DSP (1GHz core)
MSC8152: High-Performance Dual-Core DSP Dual-core StarCore-based DSP (2 1GHz cores)
MSC8154: High-Performance Quad-Core DSP Multicore StarCore-based DSP (4 1GHz cores)
MSC8156: High-Performance Six-Core DSP Multicore StarCore-based DSP (6 1GHz cores)
MSC8251: High-Performance Single-Core DSP Single-Core StarCore-based DSP (1GHz core)
MSC8252: High-Performance Dual-Core DSP Dual-core StarCore-based DSP (2 1GHz cores)
MSC8254: High-Performance Quad-Core DSP Multicore StarCore-based DSP (4 1GHz cores)
MSC8256: High-Performance Six-Core DSP Multicore StarCore-based DSP (6 1GHz cores)
S08JE: 8-bit Flexis USB JE MCUs 8-bit ultra-low-power MCU, USB
S08JS: 8-bit USB JS MCUs 8-bit low-cost MCU, USB
Keypad or Touch Screen
TSSMCU: Freescale Touch-Sensing for MCUs Xtrinsic touch-sensing Software, converts S08 and ColdFire V1 MCUs into touch sensors
CRTOUCH: Freescale Touch-Sensing Platform, a Ready Play Solution Resistive screen controller with basic gesture recognition, and up to four capacitive touch-sensing electrodes
Power Management
MC34704: Multi-channel Power Management IC (PMIC) Multi-channel Power Management IC
  • Freescale product longevity program offers up to 15-year availability for selected products
  • A spectrum of processors (ColdFire, i.MX and Power Architecture®) in terms of performance and integration
  • Freescale's Controller Continuum enables development on an 8-bit platform that can then be upgraded to 32-bit platforms as new application needs arise
  • ColdFire – Embedded high-performance DSP functionality with integrated MAC
  • High-performance processors – PCI Express support and Serial ATA (SATA) for storing images
  • MSC815x and MSC825x StarCore-based DSPs deliver a high level of performance with pin compatible scalability from 1 to 6 cores running at 1 GHz and delivering up to 48 GMACs
  • Freescale's multicore StarCore-based DSPs offer unprecedented I/O and memory with the ability to combine PCI Express, Serial RapidIO and/or Gigabit Ethernet for FPGA connectivity. 1 or 2 64-bit DDR2/3 interfaces will support most data intensive applications such as medical image reconstruction.
  • MSC815x family features a dedicated DFT/FFT hardware accelerator capable of running up to 350 Mega samples/sec; off loading these functions from the cores leaves ample processing headroom for additional system requirements.
  • Dedicated medical peripherals and healthcare connectivity stacks
  • USB, IEEE® 802.15.4 and ZigBee® technology solutions for wireless interfaces
  • i.MX MPUs - versatile platform for display and multimedia applications
  • Touch U/I suited for sterile handheld monitors
  • Cost-effective, amplified, small form factor sensors with high sensitivity

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  • Touch Sensing Software SuiteFreescale's S08 MCUs include touch sensing technology enabling sanitization and disinfection of medical displays and surfaces

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