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EtherNet/IP™ is a real–time deterministic industrial Ethernet communications protocol for connecting industrial controllers, sensors and actuators over standard Ethernet.

EtherNet/IP is defined and specifications are issued by the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA).

All QorIQ, i.MX, PowerQUICC, and ColdFire processors can support EtherNet/IP. MOLEX and real Time Automation EtherNet/IP stacks have been ported to run on PowerQUICC and ColdFire processors.

Freescale EtherNet/IP application block diagram

Recommended Solutions

Products Features
Microcontrollers (MCU) and Processors (MPU)
P2020: QorIQ P2020/10 Single- and Dual-Core Communications Processors 3xGbE, 5500 MIPS <8W, 2 core
P1025: QorIQ P1025/16 Single- and Dual-Core Multi-Protocol Communications Processors 2xPROFIBUS, 3xGbE, 3300 MIPS <5W
P1010: QorIQ P1010/14 Low-Power Communications Processors with Trust Architecture 3xGbE, 2xCAN, 1800 MIPS <4W
MPC8569E: PowerQUICC III Processor with DDR2/3, eSDHC, PCI Express®, Serial RapidIO, SGMII, USB, Security, QUICC Engine with UTOPIA PROFIBUS, 3xGbE, >1000 MIPS
MPC5121e: 32-bit Power Architecture® Microcontrollers ETH, 4xCAN, XGA,760 MIPS <2W
MPC8309: Low-Power PowerQUICC II Pro Processor with DDR2, eSDHC, 128-ch. HDLC/TDM, 10/100 Ethernet, USB, IEEE® 1588 PROFIBUS, 3xGbE, 4xCAN, 632 MIPS <1.5W
i.MX6D: i.MX 6Dual Processors - Dual Core, 3D Graphics, HD Video, Multimedia, ARM Cortex-A9 Core GbE, 2xCAN, 2x800 MHz
i.MX28 Applications Processors: Integrated Power Management Unit (PMU), ARM9™ Core ETH+CAN, SVGA, 500 MIPS <0.5W
i.MX257: Multimedia Applications Processors - Data Acquisition, User Interaction, Connectivity, ARM9™ Core ETH+CAN, SVGA, 400 MHz <1W
i.MX537: Multimedia Applications Processors - HD Video, High-end, advanced applications, ARM® Cortex®-A8 Core VGA, graphics, ETH+CAN, 800 MHz <2W
Kinetis K6x Ethernet Crypto Microcontrollers (MCUs) ETH, CAN, 120 MHz, 1M flash
MCF5441X: 32-bit microprocessor 2xETH, 2xCAN, 6xUART, 385 MIPS <0.5W
VF3xx: ARM® Cortex®-A5 based Microprocessors with 1.5MB SRAM, LCD, security, 2x Ethernet, L2 switch ARM Cortex-A5 266MHz, 1.5M SRAM, Display, dual 10/100 ETH, dual CAN, PMU, <1W
VF5xx: ARM® Cortex®-A5 based Microprocessors with 1.5MB SRAM, LCD, security, 2x Ethernet, L2 switch ARM Cortex-A5 500MHz, 1.5M SRAM, Display, dual 10/100 ETH, dual CAN, PMU, <1W
VF6xx: ARM Cortex-A5 + Cortex-M4 MPUs, 1.5 MB SRAM, LCD, security, Ethernet, L2 switch ARM Cortex-A5 500MHz, Cortex-M4 167MHz, 1.5M SRAM, Display, dual 10/100 ETH, dual CAN, PMU, <1W
Power Management
MC34704: Multi-channel Power Management IC (PMIC) PMU for i.MX25
MC13892: Power Management (PMIC) for i.MX35/51 PMU for i.MX35, i.MX51
MC33730: Switch Mode Power Supply with Multiple Linear Regulators PMU for MCU
Switch Detector
MC33972: MSDI with Suppressed Wakeup 22 contacts
MC33975: MSDI with 32 mA Suppressed Wakeup 22 contacts
Voltage Regulator or Power Supply
MC33742: SBC with Enhanced High-Speed CAN Transceiver CAN PHY, 2x Vreg 200mA/5V
MC33904: System Basis Chip Gen2 with High Speed CAN CAN PHY, PMU 3.3V/5V
MC33905: System Basis Chip Gen2 with High-speed CAN and LIN CAN PHY, LIN, PMU 3.3V/5V
MC33889: System Basis Chip Lite with Low-speed CAN CAN, PMU 5V
MC33989: System Basis Chip with High Speed CAN CAN, PMU 5V
MC34717: 5.0A 1.0MHz Integrated Dual Switch-Mode Power Supply 2x switch-mode PS 5A/3.3V
MC34713: 5.0A 1.0MHz Integrated Single Switch-Mode Power Supply Switch-mode PS 5A/3.3V
MC34700: 9-18V Four Output, Multi-Purpose Switching Power Supply 4x Vreg 1.5A/9–18V
Controller Area Network (CAN) PHY
MC33897: Single-Wire Can Transceiver Single-wire CAN PHY
MC33901: High-Speed CAN Transceiver for Automotive Applications High Speed CAN I/F
IEEE® 802.15.4 Transceivers (2.4 GHz)
MC13213: 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 RF and 8-bit HCS08 MCU with 60KB Flash, 4KB RAM Includes MC9S08GT MCU
MC13224V: 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 RF and 32-bit ARM7™ MCU with 128KB Flash, 96KB RAM Includes ARM7™ MCU
MMA7368L: 1.5g Three Axis Low-g Micromachined Accelerometer 3-axis Accel (±1.5g)
MMA8453Q: ±2g/±4g/±8g, Low g, 10-bit Digital Accelerometer 10-bit, smart low-power, 3-Axis capacitive micromachined,1.95 to 3.6-volt supply voltage
MMA8653FC: ±2g/±4g/±8g, Low g, 10-Bit Digital Accelerometer Low-profile 2 x 2 x 1.0 mm DFN package High sensitivity: 1 mg per LSB
MPR121: Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller Touch (12-pad)
MPR03x: Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller Touch (2-3 pad)
MPXx5050: -50 to 50kPa, Differential and Gauge Pressure Sensor Pressure (7.5 psi/50 kPA)
MPX5999: 0 to 1000kPa, Differential Integrated Pressure Sensor Pressure (150psi/1000kPA)
MPXx5004: 0 to 3.92kPa, Differential and Gauge, Integrated Pressure Sensor Pressure (0.57 psi/4 kPA)
  • Run EtherNET/IP and complex application simultaneously on one processor
  • EtherNET/IP protocol support from MOLEX and IXXAT
  • Same device can bridge or convert to other industrial Ethernet or field bus protocols
  • Product longevity program offers up to 15-year product availability
  • P1021, MPC8306, MPC8309 and MPC8569 can be one–chip solution for PROFINET, PROFIBUS or to convert between PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • MPC512x integrates Power Architecture core, XGA LCD, Ethernet, CAN <2W
  • MPC8309 and MPC8306 consume <1.5W max power at 85C
  • i.MX is designed for low–power and battery–operated display applications
  • i.MX28x and MCF5441x integrate 3–port Layer 2 switch with IEEE 1588 timestamp
  • i.MX integrates ARM core up to 1600 MIPS, WXGA LCD controller, Ethernet, CAN <1W
  • MPC55xx and MPC56xx Freescale processors are qualified for use in automotive applications
  • MC13892 operates –30C to 85C; software drivers + ref designs for i.MX35, i.MX51
  • MC33972 and MC33975 offers signal conditioning and switch detection for up to 22 contacts
  • MC33747 is a dual voltage regulator with CAN transceiver
  • MC33905 includes CAN transceiver, LIN and voltage regulator
  • MC33902/04 CAN PHY integrate on–chip 5V regulator
  • MC13213 and MC13224 only needs antenna plus oscillator for WirelessHART®, ISA100 or ZigBee
  • MMA736xL, MMA745xL and MMA7660 3–axis accelerometer for orientation or motion detection
  • MPXV5050 pressure sensor for vacuum pump monitoring (7.5 psi/50 kPA)