Low g Accelerometers

Freescale offers the accelerometer portfolio in the low g range (under 20 g) that has a fast response time, low current consumption, low voltage operation and a standby mode in a small profile package to detect orientation, shake, tap, double tap, fall, tilt, motion, positioning, shock or vibration. These accelerometers address highly accurate motion detection for augmented reality, eReaders, medical, home appliances, portable navigation devices, smartphones and tablets.

Freescale offers the Sensor Toolbox that provides a customizable selection of sensor development tools, accessories and software from Freescale's portfolio of accelerometers which enrich designs with a broad range of capabilities in detecting real-world conditions.

Freescale Sensor Fusion: Enabling a New Era of Innovation
(02:04 min) Freescale Sensor Fusion - greater than the sum of its parts! Sensor fusion lets designers tap in to sensor strengths to achieve far greater optimization. Make your vision a reality using Freescale sensors and software for multi-axis solutions.
Freescale Sensing Solutions
(01:56 min) Freescale introduces its new line of sensing solutions that offer designers sensing solutions with the right combination of intelligent integration, logic and customizable software to help deliver smarter, more differentiated applications.

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