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Automotive and Industrial 32-bit MCUs based on Power Architecture® Technology

MPC5xxx MCUs offer scalable, highly integrated solutions designed for automotive, with a focus on quality and long-term reliability.

Single Core MCUs

Single to Multicore MCUs

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Wide Range Auto Applications

  • Single to dual core
  • Functional Safety compliance to standards such as ISO 26262
90 nm

Powertrain, Body Control, ADAS

  • Single to multicore
  • Functional Safety compliance to standards such as ISO 26262
55 nm
130 nm

Body Electronics, ADAS, Powertrain

  • High-performance and low-power
  • SW and HW compatibility from low- to high-end
130 nm
130 nm

mobileGT MCUs: Navigation, Infotainment, Telematics

Best of breed: RTOS vendors, SW module IP providers, system integrators and HW add-ons

250 nm

Parking System Control, Body Electronics

Suitable for complex real-time control requiring computationally complex algorithms


  • 128 KB-6 MB Flash
  • Up to 1.5 MB SRAM
  • Up to 264 MHz
  • Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN, CAN, SCI, SPI, I2C
  • CRC, CSE, XBAR, CTU, EBI, LCD Controller


  • 512 KB-3 MB Flash
  • 32 KB-192 KB SRAM
  • Up to 144 MHz
  • CAN, FlexRay, I2C, SCI, SPI


  • e300 core
  • 16 KB-128 KB SRAM
  • Up to 400 MHz
  • Ethernet, CAN, USB, UARTSPI, PCI, J1850, I2C, I2S, SPI
  • PLL, Real Time Clock, Temperature Sensor, COP


  • 448 KB-1 MB Flash
  • 26 KB-36 KB SRAM
  • Up to 66 MHz
  • CAN, J1850, SPI, QSPI, SCI
  • Code Compression, External memory supported


  • Up to 8 MB Flash/300 MHz
  • Up to 1.5 MB SRAM
  • Ethernet, FlexRay, DSPI, SENT, LFAST, LINFlexD, FlexCAN
  • Tamper Detection Module, HW Security Module, Low-Power Unit, ECC

MPC5xxx MCUs by Family

MPC5xxx MCUs by Application

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