ColdFire+/ColdFire 32-bit MCUs

ColdFire® offers incredible flexibility and choice through a wide portfolio of 32-bit MCU solutions enabled by an ecosystem of development tools and design resources. ColdFire+, next generation ColdFire, combines cutting-edge, low-power performance with a diverse set of analog, connectivity and security peripherals, all contained in cost-effective, small footprint packages.

ColdFire+/ColdFire 32-bit MCUs

ColdFire+ MCUs

  • 90nm Thin Film Storage (TFS) flash technology with FlexMemory
  • High-performance
  • Ultra-low-power
  • Key peripherals for applications
  • Comprehensive enablement bundle

ColdFire MCUs

  • Reduced version of S08 CPU
  • Designed for small pin-count devices with under 16 KB memory
  • 30% smaller than S08 CPU
  • More efficient and cost-effective for simple electro-mechanical devices

ColdFire Processors

  • Highly-integrated, single-device solutions
  • High-side and low-side switches
  • H-bridge and H-bridge stepper motor drivers using SMARTMOS

ColdFire+/ColdFire 32-bit MCUs by Application

All ColdFire+/ColdFire 32-bit MCUs

  • ColdFire+ MCUs
  • ColdFire MCUs
    • V1 MCUs
      • MCF51AC: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
      • MCF51AG: 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
      • MCF51CN128: 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
      • MCF51EM: MCF51EM256 32-bit MCU for Smart Meter Applications
      • MCF51JE: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
      • MCF51JM: Flexis 32-bit V1 ColdFire USB Microcontroller
      • MCF51MM: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire V1 MCUs
      • MCF51QE: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire V1 Microcontroller
    • V2 MCUs
      • MCF521X: 32-bit microcontroller with CAN
      • MCF521XX: 32-Bit Microcontroller
      • MCF5221X: 32-Bit Microcontroller with USB On-The-Go
      • MCF5222X: 32-bits Microcontrollers with USB
      • MCF5223X: Integrated ColdFire V2 Ethernet Microcontrollers
      • MCF5225X: One-Stop-Shop Connectivity 32-bit microcontrollers
      • MCF528X: Integrated ColdFire V2 Ethernet, CAN and Flash Microcontrollers
  • ColdFire Processors
    • V2 Embedded Processors
      • MCF5206: Integrated ColdFire V2 Microprocessor
      • MCF5206E: Integrated ColdFire Microprocessor with DMA
      • MCF520X: Integrated ColdFire V2 External Memory and Ethernet Microprocessors
      • MCF5227X: V2 Microprocessor with Touchscreen, LCD Controller and USB
      • MCF523X: Integrated V2 ColdFire Microprocessor
      • MCF524X: Integrated ColdFire Version 2 Microprocessor
      • MCF525X: Integrated ColdFire V2 Microprocessor
      • MCF527X: ColdFire V2 Integrated Microprocessor
      • SCF5250: Integrated ColdFire V2 Microprocessor
    • V3 Embedded Processors
      • MCF5301x: Low-Power MPU with dual Ethernet, USB, and audio sub-system
      • MCF530X: Integrated ColdFire V3 Microprocessor
      • MCF532X: ColdFire V3 Microprocessor with LCD driver, Ethernet, USB and CAN
      • MCF537X: Coldfire V3 Microprocessor with Ethernet, USB and Encryption
    • V4 Embedded Processors
      • MCF540X: Integrated ColdFire V4 Microprocessor
      • MCF5441X: 32-bit microprocessor
      • MCF5445X: 32-bit Microprocessor with USB On-The-Go, Ethernet, PCI, DDR2/DDR controller and Encryption
      • MCF547X: ColdFire V4 Microprocessor with Ethernet and Encryption
      • MCF548X: ColdFire V4e Microcontroller with Ethernet, CAN and Encryption
  • 68K Processors (Legacy)
    • 68K M683XX
      • MC68302: Integrated Multi-Protocol Processor
      • MC68306: Integrated EC000 Processor
      • MC68331: 32 Bit Microcontroller
      • MC68332: 32-Bit Microcontroller
      • MC68340: Integrated Processor with DMA
      • MC68360: Quad Integrated Communication Controller (QUICC)
      • MC68F375: 32 Bit Microcontroller
    • 68K M680X0
      • MC68000: Low Cost 32-Bit Microprocessor (Including HC000, HC001, EC000 and SEC000)
      • MC68040: (Including EC, LC, and V)
      • MC68060: Superscalar 68K Microprocessor
        (Including the LC060 and EC060)