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General Information-Post Employment Benefits

Information About Your Freescale Post-Employment Benefits

Welcome! This Web site gives you 24-hour access to information about your Freescale U.S. post-employment benefit plans for Pre-65, Terminated Disabled Participant (TDP) and Age 65+ members. Please take care to access the information that applies to you.

You may view, download, or print any or all of the documents on this page. To view these files (.pdf format), you will need Adobe® Reader®.

Please note: Because the medical plans for retirees and family members or survivors who are also covered by Medicare (age 65+) are offered through an insurance contract, questions about their features and benefits can be answered only by a Medicare-licensed insurance company representative before that coverage begins. If you are not already enrolled in this plan, please do not call Freescale Rewards Customer Service or your Freescale Human Resources representative about the age 65+ coverage options.

Social Security numbers needed! Have you given the Social Security numbers of your covered family members to Freescale Rewards Customer Service? You can check your information online at: www.freescale.com/rewards. Or call 888-375-2367 to ensure these records are complete. Without this information, future coverage for your family members could be delayed.

General Information for All Retirees/TDPs

Retiree Summary Plan Description (SPD)
This “Retiree Summary Plan Book” has been updated and replaces all prior versions.

HIPAA Notice

Medicare and You Handbook
This publication is your official government Medicare handbook.

Links to Web Sites

This Web site provides general information about Medicare and its benefits.

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