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Portable electrocardiograph (ECG) monitors are vital tools used by healthcare providers to help identify cardiac conditions and monitor patient health.

An ECG monitor can come in many forms, ranging from hand-held devices for remote monitoring to sophisticated patient monitoring systems used by hospitals.

In order to create a complete ECG solution, Freescale has partnered with Monebo Kinetic™ ECG Algorithm.

Target Application

  • Freescale Portable Electrocardiograph (ECG) block diagram

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  • Advancing the Operatin Room using the ARM Cortex M4 Kinetis K50 MCU - Use Case

  • Portable Healthcare Reference Designs - Demo

Community Demo

Speed development time when designing your portable medical device with Freescale's Healthcare Analog Front End (AFE) reference platform which includes a complete hardware platform, schematics and software. Based on the Kinetis Microcontroller K53 measurement.

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