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One trend in the home medical market is the advent of devices that monitor a patient’s vital signs while at home and forward this data on to healthcare providers.

A telehealth system hub connects to home portable devices used to measure vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature via USB, Bluetooth® or ZigBee®.

Then the hub then relays the patient’s vital sign information to his/her physician at periodic intervals, usually once a day, via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, POTS or the cellular network.

Freescale offers a variety of 32-bit MCUs and MPUs with integrated communication protocols and display drivers that are ideal for telehealth hub devices.

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Community Demo

Oracle's James Allen demonstrates a variety of Freescale hardware running Java technology, a Freescale-based IoT Gateway involved in capturing, analyzing and transmitting healthcare data, and a Freescale-based IoT Gateway involved in capturing, filter, analyzing and integrating M2M data to enterprise systems, including business processes.

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