The increasing demand for LCD applications calls for controllers and processors that provide flexibility in design, consume less power, save space and are cost effective. Freescale offers a wide variety of LCD options, from segment 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers to graphical 32-bit microprocessors and LED drivers for backlighting. Explore Freescale's LCD solutions for the segment display low-end toaster, thermostat, meter, portable medical device all the way to the high-end graphical display hand-held device.

LCD Products

  • Graphic LCD
    • MC34844: 10 Channel LED Backlight Driver with Integrated Power Supply
    • MC34845: Low Cost 6 Channel LED Backlight Driver with Integrated Power Supply
    • MCF5227X: V2 Microcontroller with Touchscreen, LCD Controller and USB
    • MCF532X: V3 ColdFire Microprocessor with LCD driver, Ethernet, USB and CAN
  • Segment LCD
    • RS08LA: RS08 Cost-Effective MCUs with LCD Driver
    • RS08LE: 8-Bit Microcontroller Family
    • S08LC: 8-bit Microcontrollers
    • S08LG: S08LG32 and S08LG16 8-bit LCD Microcontrollers
    • S08LH: 8-bit LCD Microcontrollers
    • S08LL: S08 Ultra-Low-Power MCU with LCD Driver

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