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Factory Automation

Rugged. Reliable. Reusable. Freescale offers industrial control and networking solutions for many wired and wireless industrial communications protocols and human machine interfaces. Our safe and secure systems withstand hacking, cloning, tampering and soft errors in harsh environments typical of a manufacturing or processing facilities.

Featured Products

  • Kinetis MCUs
    Highly integrated, ultra–low–power devices
  • MPC8309 PowerQUICC
    Integrated Power Architecture processor with more than 800 DMIPS at <1.5W

  Reference Designs
ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Order Availability
3-Phase PMSM Sensorless Vector Control Reference Design based on Kinetis K60  
3-phase PMSM sensorless vector control reference design shows the ability of Kinetis K60 ARM Cortex-M4 MCU to drive advanced motor control applications.  
FREESCALE   -   -   -   -
3-phase PMSM Vector Control Reference Design based on Kinetis K40 MCUs  
Demonstrates an advanced 3-phase PMSM drive with position sensor (incremental encoder) design. It is based on Freescale Kinetis K40 ARM Cortex-M4 MCU.  
FREESCALE   -   -   -   -

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